Project 365: Day 67

Published April 14, 2008 by sadistickitten

Palled around with Princess while I wrote my letters, played my DS (after a month of not playing with it), did the laundry, and now I'm relaxing.  I also need to write Linda's letter which I plan on doing soon before the WPT starts at 9pm.  That's about all that we did today, slow start to a week.  Went for a walk earlier which was nice, my foot always hurts the next day but it goes away.  If it continues to act this way with more exercise than I'll do something about it, till then I'll just suffer. It's been very nice outside lately, warmer than normal but not hot either.  In the early 60s or something or late 50s with a gorgeous breeze, I tell you I LOVE this time of the year!  ^_^

Tomorrow have my dentist appointment to fix my teeth that got cracked due to me grinding my teeth without a night guard (before I got one that is) and this week, since my coupon is for $2.50 off a cvs product, I need to use it before it goes up next week so I'll be getting a new nightguard and THIS time I plan on making sure to keep it better than last time (last time I forgot and used hot water to clean it off) since I don't want to pay for another one in another 6 months again.

Well I've got write a letter now, take care all.  Hope you have a good week.  I'll comment/read entries soon.


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