Someone Who Knows Nothing About The Situation Is Telling Me "What To Do"?

Published April 12, 2008 by sadistickitten

*warning: rant post* Don't read if you don't care to hear about my ranting*

Dear god, here's what I'm sick of.  Stupid people who don't understand the situation putting their 2 fuckin' sense in it.  If you have NEVER had a situation like this, don't fuckin' comment thinking that you do.  Here's why I'm poed this morning:

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Jen, because I'm your friend, I'm going to give you an honest response here:

Move on. Just let it go. Gifts aren't important, and the whole situation is just ridiculous. I feel that if you face Malinda with the attitude that you're too mature to allow yourself to be dragged into this stupid situation, she'll stop (eventually).

There's nothing you can do to change your parent's opinion of you; all you can do is let them know, hey, they can accept you for who you are, or not – but their acceptance is not something that you require to continue living your life, and being happy. In the end, it will be out of your hands, and you'll start to feel better about yourself. Take it from someone who has been in the same situation: you will not feel better until you handle it as a problem that can't be solved with snippy letters and curt phone calls, your parents are not going to change, your sister is not going to change, and you need to move past it.

What is really instigating this problem is that Malinda and your parents know that this will get to you, and bother you, and you'll dwell on it. They're counting on the fact that you're going to obsess over it, and eventually be the one to come crawling back, apologizing. The best advice I can give you: tell them, “If that's how Malinda feels, that's on her. She has to live with herself. I don't need to play these childish games anymore; I'm tired of it, I'm over it. If you want to play them with her, leave me out of it.”

PS – I don't think the letter should be sent; it's only going to exacerbate the problem; you need to work towards a solution – not more conflict..

Edited at 2008-04-12 07:34 am (local)

She knows NOTHING about the situation and she's telling me wtf to do?!  Excuse me?!  I've been wondering if I should get rid of her from my life and this makes the final decision here.  I won't reveal her name because I don't want to cause uneeded drama.  She hasn't been around my journal for that long at all and already she THINKS she knows me.  Snippy letters!?  Excuse me?!  This isn't a snippy letter, this is a letter to work stuff out between me & my parents NOT her and I.  My sister's letter was snippy not mine.  

Besides, I've already talked with Tony about it.  He said to talk face to face about the situation with my parents and letters aren't going to do it.  I wasn't actually writing this letter to be sent either, it was just me getting my frustrations out because last time that I checked I could do that being well hmmm let me MY fuckin' journal.  That was just a draft of what I'd like to say to them.  I don't know if I'll ever send it because I'm sure that this wouldn't help.  Then why am I upset?  Because she acts like she knows me when clearly she doesn't.  And that's exactly how I AM “If that's how Malinda feels, that's on her. She has to live with herself. I don't need to play these childish games anymore; I'm tired of it, I'm over it. If you want to play them with her, leave me out of it.”  feeling and I won't bother with her.  why are people who don't know anything about my life commenting?  Seriously!  *rolls eyes*

I had been wondering for a while if I should get rid of her as penpal because clearly she knows NOTHING about me.  God another yodel who thinks they know me but clearly doesn't.  Oh well, I need to get rid of some pals so this is how I am going to do it finally.  After all, I know people who get rid of pals all the time.  Which I'm sure she'll think it's because of JUST what she wrote, nope it's because of everything.  I don't really know her well but she acts like I've known her for years.  Get over it yourself, you douche! Not only that, she knows NOTHING about my sister nor my parents.  My parents aren't assholes like she is.  

I'm not expecting everyone to kiss my ass!  I just want people who KNOW about the situation, not someone who never reads my entries then expects to comment like they know me?  They clearly don't know me & I've gotten into fights with her before and another reason why I have a filter in my journal so I didn't have to deal with her. I forgot all about what she did then I put her back on the filter (my mistake) and now she does this.  She always comments saying things that she's got no clue about nor can she back this shit up that she says.  The reason why I wrote that letter was more to get out how they've been treating forever now.  Not to say “mommy daddy take sides” can she even read?!  I wrote in there that I don't want them to take sides, wtf?  Seriously why the fuck don't people read before they comment anymore?  Gesh!  Ok needed to get that out.   

She's been in this situation?!  uumm no she hasn't!!  She's never dealt with my sister or anyone that's not ONLY given her a gift like this but who treats you constantly like shit.  It's not even the gift part, I KNOW that gifts don't matter! Hello, I wrote that and told that to my parents the FIRST time that we got together with them.  It's how they've treated us, the way that they've never acted like we're family (my sister & her family NOT my parents).  I always felt like I was invited because I'm Malinda's sister not because they WANT me there.  There was NO love lost with my sister, what I'm poed about it is her insistance on lieing.  The fact that she cares nothing about me as a person.  

In the end, I'm sure this girl will think “gesh, what a bitch.  Because I voiced my opinion” nope, I had been having issues with her for a long time & I've got far too many pals anymore (not complaining) so getting rid of her won't hurt me at all.  Besides, she talks about kids and crap.  I don't want kids and she keeps telling me shit like how I'll change my mind or stuff like that.  *rolls eyes* yes because once again someone who doesn't know me is telling me what to do.  Please!  GAH!  I'm so sick of people treating me like crap, I don't need it from some loser who thinks that she's going to “change my way of thinking.”  Fuck that! 


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