Project 365: Day 65

Published April 12, 2008 by sadistickitten

Game day!  Basically today, I played Sam & Max: Season 2 Episode 5 it's sad that it's the last one but I'm figuring things out pretty well woohoo.  I also played my shooting game & I'm still not used to first person shooter because I always seem to feel sick after I am done playing it.  I'll get used to it adventually I'm sure.

We also went for a walk since today is rather GORGEOUS outside.  It's a bit warm with some rain, sunny skies (for the most part), and it was close to 60 degrees today so it was rather nice without being too hot plus there was a nice breeze outside making it not so hot.  It feels good to take walks again, the snow still isn't gone totally around here.  For the most part yes but there's a bunch of pathces on our walk today that were still filled with snow.  

Just watched “the eye” japanese version not jessica alba version because I'd rather their version because theirs is usually scarier but it wasn't just like the grudge nothing really.  I jumped once but that's because I started falling asleep (it's not boring, I was just very tired and warm with the blankets on it–used to happen every time I'd watch a movie with my parents) and it startled me awake.  But I stayed awake for most of the movie after that.

Wrote a letter 

 and sent it out, all in one day because I had woken up earlier thanks to going to bed a bit early last night.  I have to write Voula's letter as well as Ashley's letter to write that came in the mail today.  I want to write Voula's tomorrow so I can have that out for Monday.

Well that's about it.  Nothing else to talk about really.  I'll let you guys go.  Oh I commented/read entries today if some of them sounded strange or out of wack well my ADD's been kicking in badly lately so I had major problems understanding some of it, as well as it was hard to focus stupid comprehension level isn't where I want it to be.  Oh well, I'll have to work harder on it.

Take care all & hope that everyone has a good weekend.  *hugs* I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'd be nothing without my LJ peeps.


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