Project 365: Day 64

Published April 10, 2008 by sadistickitten

Woke up later than normal, apparently Tony couldn't sleep last night and ended up getting up and going on his computer.  Me, I slept through most of the night till I woke up freezing because in the middle of the night had kicked off my blankets again (seriously have to stop that).  

Didn't do anything too excited but I did send out

's letter earlier but I haven't recieved anything in the mail lately.  Which is good in a way because I want to read more so I've been doing that.  I'm also working on a new freebie for 

I have a few ideas as well as some cool things that I currently have but I just haven't felt like posting them, blame that on the period I'm so very lazy with it.  

Still haven't gotten any phone calls from my parents or sister which is good because the last thing I want is to talk to either of those people.  Saturday is John's bbq/birthday party *rolls eyes* but guess what?  Since my sister blames this ALL on me, saying that I'm crazy and LIAR for thinking  such terrible thoughts about her (guess her family isn't included?  Neither is Tony even though what she did is a slap in OUR faces you idiot, that was for her not you guys), I never got an invitation.  

I'm so broken up about it too *laughs* nope, sorry I couldn't even put not, I am not broken up about it I was trying for sarcasm there but I couldn't do it.  In fact, am happy because I no longer have to deal with such bs from sister nor do I have to put on fake faces just to get through day.  I hate dealing with Pauline and her I'm holy than thou attitude when she is far from holy.  In fact, she even had a child out of wedlock that's right, Jason's not just a bastard in the figurative ways he's also a real bastard.  I can't take someone serious who thinks she's all holy like she thinks that she is when I know the truth.  I can't stand their parties, making others feel like crap because I didn't buy 20 and a million gifts for that person and instead gave something simple.  Let's put it this way, they look at gifts like it shows how much you love them by buying as much as you possibly can. Yes because that's what gifts are about *rolls eyes* God I can't stand fake as people like that.  I'm glad not to deal with such nonesense.

I'm almost finish Bridget jone's but I have yet to read it all, I'm actually taking a break from it because it's hard to sit and read for a long period of time (at least for me it is, stupid ADD) but I am already on to section December 25th.  I can't wait to finish it and read “edge of reason” I've already located that book out of my bookshelf as well as “guide to life” which is the book after that one.  It's pretty small so I'll be able to finish it in a few hours.  It's annoying not being able to read faster like everyone does but I was told that slower readers read more clearly and understand stuff better than others.  *shrugs* no clue, but I still like that theory ^_^

Sam & Max: season 2 finale aka “what's new buzzlebub” and I can NOT wait.  I have to do laundry as well as we've got grocery shopping to do but I'll have to download the game anyways. Everyone's going to be downloading the game so it'll take awhile like it did last time (Tony bought me the season 2 as a gift awww awhile back) so by the time I'm done the laundry, and the grocery shopping it should be good enough time when I can get it by then, at least I hope so. 

Need to read/comment, clean tub/shower, oven, under burners, as well as laundry, so I'll be pretty busy.  I'll probably end up cleaning the house too so if you don't get comments from me for a while that's why.  Take care all and have a good night.  My ADD is kicking in and I need to do something or I'll go mad.  GGRR it doesn't bother me much but tonight it's been terrible.  Maybe I can convince hubby to watch something with me. 


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