Project 365: Day 61 & 62

Published April 8, 2008 by sadistickitten

Since I didn't do project 365 yesterday for odvious reasons, I decided to do them together instead.  ^_^ 

Yesterday we gave Princess a bath because it had been awhile and she was having major dander problems (causing her to sneeze a bit) so I wanted to help her out and it's getting closer to spring/summer so I wanted to make sure that she was all set for that.  It was that bad giving her bath actually, she was pretty good about it.  The only part she hated with a passion was when I had to dry her.  She HATES being dried off but I read that it helps them out so they don't get any colds etc. so I try to dry her off the best that I can.  

Whenever I give her a bath, I get my own bath *laughs* because when I go to dry her off she gets me soaking wet so much that I have to take  a shower.  Not just because I'm soaking wet but because I need to get the fur off me because I'm starting to look like I have a serious testerone problems *laughs*

Other than that, wrote to Kayla but with all the hoopla yesterday my mind wasn't there so I couldn't really concintrate on it.  That's why I didn't post an entry in

 because nothing went out and I didn't recieve anything either.  Watched WPT last night while Tony played in her tourney and he won money YAY!!!!  

Didn't get much sleep last night because I was stupid enough to let it bother me.  I just couldn't figure it out why she wrote the odvious fake letter trying to convince me.  Does she think that I'd just throw the gift out?  That I'd be stupid enough to forgive her and act like nothing's happened?  Nope, sorry that's not going to happen.  But yah I am over it now, just needed last night to calm myself down. 

Today, no matter what I was determined to get to the mall.  My period started in full swing today and it is MUCH better than last time (thanks for the tip Chrisie about drinking more water, I think it really helped) and just because of yesterday I wasn't going to let what happened make me upset.  Went to the mall today after eating an early lunch (11am) and getting stuff ready.  

Went to return/exchange my sneakers that were far too big for me.  Before we left, I made sure to double check if they were too big and yeah I was pretty much swimming in them.  Got there and decided that I was going to just return them because they didn't have my size there in the right color (I wanted my pink ones).  The sales lady actually said that instead of returning them, that I could exchange them by having the exact style and size down 61/2 shipped FREE to my house.  I of course said YES please.  Thinking about it now, I should've found if I could get the black ones shipped instead 😦 oh well…

After that, went for ice creams because Tony wanted to cheer me up.  awww isn't that super sweet?!  I had my reese's peanut butter cup sundae and of course Tony had his cookies 'n' creme.  Didn't feel like checking out Claire's or even HT so we headed to CVS because Tony needed to buy new razors.  

While we were there, Tony also wanted to get my wedding ring resized.  When we first got it, the guy SWORE to me that it was a size 6 and a little big over (HA!  Yeah right!) and ever since it's been a bit snug when I wear it.  I'm losing circulation in my finger and of course that's not good.  Got to Kay's jewelers and had them check it out.  She said that it'd be ready on or about the 16th of this month.  I feel VERY weird without it I must say.  It'll only cost us about 25 dollars in the end which isn't too bad ^_^ much cheaper than Tony's still.  I figured it wouldn't more expensive than 50, at least under 100.  That was my guess.  

Now I'll actually have a ring that will fit.  Grrr, I actually heard that as we age our fingers still grow.  Not sure how true that is but I gotta tell you; from when we first got married (almost 3 years ago) til now I know the ring size has gotten a bit bigger, not a lot but a bit.  And my class ring doesn't fit anymore either & that was from 97 figure that one out.  It's even smaller than my wedding ring.  Last place we went was JCP because I needed to get a spring jacket.  I don't have one, I have a fall/winter one but not a spring one.  I end up buying the one in the picture because it was only 15 bucks and I like it.  I can now add a sweater to it and wear it as a fall jacket that's waterproof (which I don't have).  Very pleased at getting it at such a good price.  ^_^ 

Finished Kayla's letter so that'll go out tomorrow and I haven't started

's letter yet but I shall start it either later on tonight or tomorrow.  Hope to get it out before the weekend.  I would've had things done sooner but with yesterday, I was a bit too distracted for my own good.  Well I'm off to read in bed to relax.  Tony wants to work on his business plan and wants company awww ^_^ Take care all.

Have a good night.

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