Trying To Overcome It & Now Look What Happens?

Published April 7, 2008 by sadistickitten

Well once AGAIN my sister has pissed me off!!!  How you ask?!  She decided to write me a letter (uploading it to myspace soon) saying how I am wrong.  How I gave Jason an “armpit” of a gift (turns it around on me wtf?) yes because a GAG gift is an armpit of a gift.  What about ALL the dollar store shit you US?!  Do you know what we really gave them?!  MONEY!  That’s right MONEY!  Is that an armpit of a gift?  I think not!

How she treats me, the way that she puts me down constantly whenever we get together, as if I’m not wanted, etc.  I don’t understand why she won’t just let it go.  Get over it!  The more she keeps doing this shit, the more that I will not talk to her. 

Now, I’m sure that my parents will say that I NEED to talk to her.  *rolls eyes* if they pull their bs, say goodbye to your daughter.  They’re pushing me away just like they did with my sister and she ended up moving out without telling them.

She went on further telling me basically what a horrible person that I am for thinking what I do.  Wtf?  hhmm the last time that I checked NO store sells something with discoloration on it.  Get a fuckin’ life!  Just because you want gifts from me this is NOT the way to get it you fuckin’ cunt!  Kiss my god damn ass!

Fuckers!  Fuck you Aliskevicz cunt bags! 


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