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Published April 7, 2008 by sadistickitten

 contine tomorrow.  I'm too emotionally exhausted from all the bs earlier *rolls eyes* For those of you that don't think that my sister a lieing bitch, read this letter that she sent me today.  The PS part REALLY pisses me off. I won't be replying to it nor will I even bring it up.  I am NOT ready to talk to her, don't know if I'll ever be.  Oh the “armpit” of a gift we gave her was this A GAG gift.  She gave us nothing but dollar store CHEAP crappy items with NO thought in them.  We gave them MONEY as their gift, so yah I guess MONEY is an armpit of a gift?!  Fuck you, you fuckin' bitch!  Go back to the crazy place that you came from.

Comment/read tomorrow, project 365 as well.  I'm working on Kayla's letter, hope to finish it before bed.  Take care all.  Night!

She did NOT almost die last year (god she's really trying for the sympathy crap huh?) she's exaggerating there a HUGE amount.  She may have had problems but she wasn't close to death.  She has NO ONE to blame but herself on that matter.  She should take better care of herself for one thing.  Not only that, when she was pregnant you could NOT tell that she was because she was so very big.  I'm sorry but that's disgusting!  And, when you're on HEAVY drugs you say and do things that you MEAN.  Just like when you're drunk, it shows your true feelings.  Duh you freakin' moron! 

Like how she writes twenty times that they were bought at a store, as if yes that will convince me that it's true.  Yeah because earrings just turn colors like that THE minute that I got them.  I didn't even WEAR them.  So she's saying they're MY fault that they've changed colors?  Wtf? Oh I'm sorry, so just looking at the earrings they'll change colors?  NOPE sorry won't buy your fuckin' lieing bullshit answer, DOUCHE!

Talk to her, sure that'll go over well. Like you talked with mom & dad lieing to their FACES that them being new.  I don't think so, talking to my sister is like talking with a wall.  She has NO conscience at all.  What she's really doing by writing this letter, is causing our parents to hate me.  That's right, in the end I'll lose not only my sister but my parents in the end.  Why is everything a game to her? Why does she have to make me look bad and feel miserable?  I don't need her for that, I can feel that way ALL on my own.

She looks at Elizabeth & thinks of me.  Exactly why I dyed my hair BROWN you mother fucker!  I am sick of having others asking if I'm Elizabeth's mother.  So I dyed it dark to show I don't want anything to do with that.  Plus I like it better darker.  Brings out my eyes.  No, when she looks at Elizabeth you know what she thinks?  She thinks “I hate the fact that Elizabeth looks like her fuckin' aunt” I know my sister.

*rolls eyes* christmas isn't about the gifts and yes, I know that.  Let's put the gift aside for a second, I have NEVER felt like my sister truly cared about me.  Whenever I get a hug from her she hugs me like a stranger; barely touching me and a tiny pat on the back.  You hug like you mean it, not like you think they're going to give you cooties or something.  Then add christmas, the fact that she YELLED at me and treated me like a child as well as EVERY time we get together with her.  She puts me down, treats me like a child and has to bring up every embarrassing story just so she can look like the victorious one in our whole relationship.  I don't need that “family” and I don't care if she blood.  I have better friends and a far better life than her.  I don't need her constant bs (example letter below) to make me feel like shit or worse. 

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