Writer's Block: Saturday Night

Published April 6, 2008 by sadistickitten

I guess I'd have that I was sleeping most of the weekends away due to working a lot of hours at the hospital.  Working 2nd shift from 4pm to 10:30pm was something but sometimes I'd work till 11:30pm and go in at 3pm, depending if they needed or if we had a meeting I'd be in at 2:30pm *blah* It was terrible, you'd get to sleep finally at like midnight or later (takes me a little while to calm down my body before bed)  then you'd have to go in for 4pm which meant not getting too much sleep.  Going in for that time gave you no time to do much because you needed to get rest and I was always stressed, depressed over things that happened at work, people harassing me, calling me horrible names, as well as dealing with crazy bosses.  Icky, so happy to be where I am now.  ^_^


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