Project 365: Day 59

Published April 5, 2008 by sadistickitten

Entered more of the that my dad gave me.  I had about 40 or something of them, already used a few of them and these are the rest.  Princess loves sitting on the bag but to me, how can sitting on something that has plastic covers in it on my ass be comfy?  Cats are so weird!

Watched Battlestar galactica last night (found out at 8pm that we could've watched it soon at like noontime) and I rather enjoy the show.  What's cool about the new version is that everyone (including stars and musicans) like the show plus geeks (like Tony) or other people (like me) can get into the show.  I am happy yet sad it's the last season but I'm glad that they're deciding to end it instead of having the network decide it for them.

Took my shower and this time, it was very relaxing!!!  It's always nice to have a nice quiet shower isn't it?!  That always set the mood for the day I always say.  😀 Tony got ready for his meeting with Lars at 11:30am (ops wrong time) at Friendlys', he left early meanwhile I worked on Megan's letter after finishing up online.  Watched a movie while eating and wrote the rest of Megan's letter.  Tony came back from his meeting and we watched a comedy show on demand (LOVE that).

Just ate supper and watched Lost.  I am always correct on things on that show *laughs* it's rather funny.  Tony's like “wonder who this is” and I'm like “the guy that on the boat” etc. and I'm always right.  I was a huge mystery woman and I love reading them.  My mom's actually letting me read sugar cookie murder but I haven't started it yet (she still owes me 2 books) but after bridget jone's I will.

PS: My dad said this week, “we'll have to get together to talk about the earrings (why won't these people just let it go away and die?  Do you see how I can't move on if they KEEP bringing it up all the freakin' time?).”  That was when he picked up the shirts that I ordered for him online.  It's Saturday, almost 7pm and I have yet to hear from my dad.  Like I care, he's probably still poed about me telling mom about the earrings.  Gesh, like she didn't know!  Come on here people.  An idiot can tell they're the way that they are!!!!  GGRRR and they wonder why I don't have closure yet?  HELLO?!

I don't plan on calling him either, because if I do he's going to try to make me feel quilty about 1) not calling my mom more often *rolls eyes*
2) not talking to my sister at all 3) “breaking the family part” Yes because the last one's my fault here.  Please!!  But in a way, doing what she did does save me.  I don't have to deal with her fakeness (however, she doesn't have to deal with mine either) so it's got its up as well as downs on the whole thing. 

Well I think I'll end it here.  After this, I'm going to fill requests at

 then the ones here in my LJ for the angel request.  Then after that, I plan on coming up with some cute blinkies for everyone.  Take care all! Then I'll write another letter so I'll have 2 to send out on Monday ok?  Cool!  I'll get to your entries soon, I just need to take care of this stuff today then I'll have more time tomorrow to do things.

by the sweet:

Update on
Why I added you..
4/5/08 11:17 am

I added a bunch of people through searching in the dictionary. I added random people and you were just one of them 🙂 So it wasn't because I'm some big creepy stocker..I just wanted friend… friends are nice 🙂
Have a spectacular day everyone 🙂
Sorry if you were concerned.

I still don't know so I won't be adding her, I don't like “random” adds. I've had too many issues before with that so I won't be adding her back. I don't just add someone JUST because they added me. Plus, if they wanted to add me why not COMMENT?! 


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