Project 365: Day 58

Published April 4, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today was MUCH better than yesterday YAYness!!!  Been reading “bridget jones' diary” and I'm already at April YAY I'm soo happy.  I like to read it before going to bed when Tony says “he's going to bed” so I go and take care of things in the bedroom aka getting ready for bed while reading my book.  It's working great and Tony doesn't have to wait for me to get ready before we can sleep.  I'm really liking the book so far and I'm reading it faster than Princess diaries.  

Working on a letter

 which will go out tomorrow at least I hope it will because I plan to get off here and finish it off.  I hope to write another one so that'll go out tomorrow as well.  Last night, after I got off the computer I saw a big ant and I thought at first it was a spider so I freaked.  Then I was paranoid and vaccumed the whole house from top to bottom just to be sure.  Didn't find anything else so that's good.  It was warm yesterday so that's probably why.  We need to get the landlords to bomb the cellar (underneath us) like they've done in the past to keep them away (or at least make it so they die quicker).  When they do that, we don't have as much creatures in here (they told us that would happen if they don't bomb) and if we have creatures then they've got them upstairs so we're helping them by helping us.  All we've got to do is take princess out for an hour and wait til they tell us it's safe.

Watched “Sweeney Todd” because I was feeling rather dark today.  I really liked it πŸ˜€ I remember reading the story in school and I was fascinated with it when I was younger as well as “tell tale heart” those always seemed to echo the same to me.  But I loved it πŸ˜€ it was rather funny to me that they made it a muscial because musicals are supposed to be happy things.  ^_^ Normally, I don't care for musicals and they bore me but I rather enjoyed this one plus they didn't make it cheesy, it went with the story.

Tony wanted to go out earlier but I wasn't feeling like it (I just woke up too, we took a nap earlier) so we ordered from Friendlys' (I know a theme this week huh?) and he picked it up.  I had to have Tony cook my steak longer because it was rather red and not cooked all the way.  I didn't feel like going out because then I'd have to shower, put on clothes (I'm in my pjs that tells you how I feel today.  Normally I always get dressed, and I didn't even get the mail today), put on makeup and I didn't want to deal with it being busy when he wanted to go earlier.  It was yummy though πŸ˜€ He also got me a chocolate shake ^_^ I have THE best husband in the world!!!!  He's been the sweetest this week, I'm too lucky I tell you *huggles*

Tomorrow's getting together with one of his friends that does website work (graphic designers) because he got a little while ago and he wants to get things together and get up running soon.  Tony's meeting his friend at Friendly's *laughs* yah I know, I thought that was funny too ^_^ this was before we planned to have breakfast from there or even dinner.  Hilarous huh?

YAY my hello kitty earrings from Hot Topics came today ^_^ I was soooo very happy about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They're so much cuter than the pic of them on their site.  I wore one of them already and I know what I'll be wearing from now on.  I love them all, I got 3 of them in total that comes together but still they're OOOHHH so cute. I still can't see how a place that has HK can be TRUE punk!?  Do you?!   But that's just my beef.  

Anyhoo, nothing else going on.  I gotta go write to

 now take care all.  I'll read/comment on entries tomorrow I need to write letters now. 

Have a good weekend all!  *hugs & kisses*

Does anyone know whom she is? I got a request to add her (she didn't comment on my entry telling me so) but still I was wondering if anyone else had them added her.   I tried to message her but her settings won't let her.  wtf?  No content either, fuck her!

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