Ever Had One Of Those Days Where You Wished You Stayed In Bed?!

Published April 3, 2008 by sadistickitten

Well that was my day today!  It started with one thing then just kept building slowly.  Where do I start?  Oh yes, Tony called Friendlys' to get breakfast since we were both up at like 6am and were hungry.  He was trying to get take out but the phone just kept ringing and ringing so instead we drove there.  Put the laundry in the washer and we headed down to Friendlys'.  

Got there and no one was serving us so the cook came out and asked us what we wanted (the waiter was an asshole and didn't even bother to come over he was “too busy”–note there was like 2 people there) but at least he was going to screw it up.  Finally got our order (correct) and came home to watch Lost.  

Went to put the clothes in the dryer and some 2 really creppy molester guys where there doing their laundry.  One guy was right next to where I was getting my clothes out of the dryer.  I felt at any moment that he could have done something to me (only us 3 there).  The guys were HUGE and fat but still could've overpowered me in a second.  I kept thinking that I could always scream or kick them in the nuts if anything happened.  Luckily, nothing did but still I felt very nervous around them.  You know how when you're alone in a place (being a woman that is) all by yourself and your alert goes on?  Well that was me around these 2 characters.

Came back and I told Tony about it.  He said that he'd watch the laundry mat the whole time that I was there to pick up the clothes on the way back to make sure that I will be ok.  So if I took longer, he knew that I needed help.  That was really reassuring.  But nothing happened when I got the clothes so that was great.

Took a shower after doing the laundry and working out, thinking that I'd have a relaxing one…well from the moment that I got in there all I could hear was Tony's K Dice game with the booming noise the whole shower.  It was very loud and very annoying.  So I didn't get a good shower at all, it wasn't even warm kept going cold on me 😦 ggrr That started me out being in a bad mood and the day just went from there……….

Ended up calling my mom to ask her if was done with the dean martin book that I lent her as well as if she wanted to read Princess diaries series since I already read it all (ok I just finished Princess Mia last night and the next one isn't even out yet but whatever close enough) as well as find out about my avon order.  Well apparently my order is a popular thing so I have to wait till campaign 10.  They're only on 7 or something.  Cool that's fine.  Then I asked if dad had talked to her about the earrings.  This is where everything went south…

Told her all about going to the jewelers and all that crap and how they thought it was odvious to see that they were used/worn/old I mean anyone can tell just by looking at them.  They were like “the posts have 2 different colors here where it's black here and then the colorings come out there” etc.  And they went on which is what I told my mother.  But the jewelers humored us anyways saying those things and looking at them for us.  

After all that, you know what she says?  “Did you take them to the people in the middle of the mall?”  I said they're not an authorized jeweler (which that place isn't it, they just REPAIR watches and stuff they're not authorized like Kay jewelers etc.).  If you want to buy a new ring where would you go to or new earrings?  (nice ones like my mom buys) she'd go to Kays exactly or stores like that.  Why?  They KNOW jewerly, it's their fuckin' job to.

When I finished saying that, my mother continued to say “well one of them is brass and that  didn't look used/worn/old” wait so just because that does not show that it's new makes it right?!  But I pointed out that they others were used/worn/old because you can tell by the change in color of the posts from one part to the next.  Just because she put on clear backs doesn't make them automatically new (which is actually what I said to her) .  

Basically what she's saying because ONE of them didn't look like the others that means that it is ok to do what she did to me?  (and that one is NOT new, my sister wouldn't put one new in there come on now mom how stupid are you?) As if putting new backs, a “new” earring with the rest of them aren't is ok in her eyes?!  

So if I gave her used underwear but put one new one in there it makes it alright?!  As if putting something inside a new box, new wrapping paper makes it all better?  Hhmm let me think about that for a second…NOPE still makes it bad.  And what my sister just as wrong as if I would've done it.  One again, my sister fucks up and I get blamed for this?!  I'm sorry something's wrong with my family.  I don't understand how they can't see that these things aren't new.  I mean no matter how many times they look at it, talk about it, ignore it, or act like it didn't happen, it's still going to be the same EVERY time.  

I understand that my parents are upset over the situation, I really do.  But don't they get that I AM the victum here?!  That I am the one that got hurt NOT my fuckin' sister!?  And no matter how many times my sister cries about what happened and tries to tell them that they're wrong or that I am wrong, it won't change that fact.  Why?  Because I have the proof!  I have it in my drawer and that's where it will STAY forever as a reminder to me what a loser piece of shit sister that I have.  

And if I EVER think of forgiving her to her face, I'll look at them and go nope not going to happen.  She's pulled too many things on me and this is enough.  I'm at my end of the rope and I threw it down christmas.  I will not put up with her bullshit lies ANYMORE.  My parents can tell me that I need “change my attitude about my sister” why should I?!  She's a loser and me changing my attitude will not do that.  She'll still be a self centered little bitch at the end of the day.

If that weren't enough, I went to go put out the mail since it was 3:30pm yet and the mailman doesn't come till 4pm or 3:30pm well I was wrong!  When I got outside, the mailman was coming my way (I was downstairs, we live in the basment) but didn't see me.  I didn't give him the mail because every time I've tried they're always so rude to me and snap at me so I don't bother anymore.  Better to avoid dealing with post people I say.  Anyhoo, after he was gone I came back outside and got the mail. Guess what?  I had put something out there earlier and he didn't take it.  Wtf?  Now do you wonder why I don't like dealing with them?!  That put me back on edge.

Then….I got a package from DHL it was my order from www.mycokerewards.com which I had checked the shipping on earlier and noticed it was close to my town YAY.  When I opened the package up, guess what?  There was NOTHING inside but the packaging paper.  No prize, no nothing!!!  Fuckin' bullshit.  I was so livid that I went nuts now because this was the last straw for today.  I was sick of getting such bs.  

I later contacted them about the package letting them know that I didn't recieve anything inside of it just the package paper and a box.  Nothing else.  The woman told me that they put in a claim with DHL (now I know why so many people hate them & coke rewards) and that I should keep all the packaging stuff JUST in case.  Which I plan on doing, doesn't really matter it's just one thing.  *rolls eyes*  She also mentioned that they be replacing my missing item and shipping it out asap.  God I hope so.  It's not that it's free, it's that it was worth A LOT of points as well as I ordered it from their site.  I'd like what I ordered.  GGRR today has been so stressful, I feel like I need a drink but I won't give my mom the pleasure or my sister.  

Take care all, I'm off to figure out supper.

 by me


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