Project 365: Day 56

Published April 1, 2008 by sadistickitten

Looked under the bed earlier tonight to see where my sandals had gone (not realizing till after that I put them out into storage with all my other shoes that I don't wear every day), and I found my other pair of sandals that were all filled with hair and fur grossness (we clean under the bed every once and awhile but not all the time) plus they smelt like disgusting so I threw them in our bag for salvies.  I have 2 pillows in there, our old pot, and now my sandals oh and a few tank tops.  Feels good to get rid of stuff, I need to get rid of more of it soon.  When we go through the storage area (people will get some books to read then), I'll be getting rid of more stuff like some shoes that I don't need anymore.  Next year, I think I'll need to replace my loafers they're getting pretty old.

Talked with my mom earlier (twice actually) she said that someone in our family had dead.  Didn't really know the guy very well but I sent out a sympathy card to her family (my cousins' relative, she's my 2nd cousin but he's nothing to me) and she also told me that my dad would be coming at 6pm to pick up the shirts.  

My dad came early today, we were watching “Scary movie 4” on Encore channels (we have so many it's hard to keep up with which one) when he arrived before 6pm, it was about 5:30pm so I was a bit shocked that he was here early.  We had a nice talk about things, showed him site because he asked about something.  Showed him his shirts that he ordered and showed him the other stuff that I had in the bags.  He left and I almost forgot to ask for my money that he owed me.  Granite, it's only 8 bucks but to me it's not nothing either.

I'm currently working on my letter to

 right now, should be done that tonight and have it out for tomorrow.  Right now, I'm off to fill requests for

 since I already read/commented on my friends page.  We've got a thunderstorm coming and we just had rain coming down pretty fast.  Princess was chasing a spider (daddy long legs) so I'm pretty freaked out at the moment and look like a crazy person wiping myself off because I feel ok, stop talking about it Jennifer you'll just further creep yourself out.  Ok basically it was terrible since I LOATHE them.  Make fun of me all you want but I don't care.  I HATE them!  

Ok I'm off, I gotta get to filling requests before I don't feel like it anymore.  Take care all & have a good week!

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