Project 365: Day 54

Published March 30, 2008 by sadistickitten

Used my Neutrogena Wave that I got in the mail the other day.  I hadn't used it before today because I didn't see the point.  But today, I used EVERYTHING (well other than pore nose strips because I do that every 3 days or once a week depending on how bad my nose is) on my face giving myself my own “girly day” or a “beauty day” as I call it.  My skin has been much better than normal since I've been taking better care of it.  I used my wave, cleaner with beads in it, astringent, mudd mask, foaming cleanser, and morning burst (free sample).  It's rather gross what the astringent finds in your skin!! No wonder my skin's much better, I'm getting all the dirt out now.

I have combination skin and I'm very oily in my T zone which means I have to be careful about what skin care stuff to use because if I use something that's too strong, I get dried out.  If I use something that's not getting my face clean, it's going to only irritate my skin further causing problems.  I've had eczema in the past under my eyes (years ago) so I know what not to do in that area as well.  I always put stuff under my eyes at night (whether Tony likes it or not because I take at least 20 minutes at night before going to bed “get ready for bed”), face cream (I don't have wrinkles but that doesn't mean that I want to get them either), lotion on my body (winter has really dried me out (I've been using a firming one, and with the exercising I've noticed it's working YAY), and lip balm (I get very dry lips if I don't put on lip gloss/balm regularly–even though I'm obsessed with putting it on I need to or I get badly chapped lips it's not a pretty pic).  

That's why I go to bed before Tony to read my book, put my stuff on and to get my body “relaxed before bed” so far this has worked.  Not only am I doing that, but I am also trying to drink more water a day.  Sometimes I don't always but these changes are really helping to make my skin look and feel soft, clean and clear.  😀  (I sound like an ad for a face product don't I?)  I am also using a daily face lotion that I'm testing out (haven't heard back from the site in awhile 😦 hopefully I'll find out the name because I LOVE how it makes my skin look).

Read, commented on entries and I tried to comment on everyone's posts since I hadn't been around before.  I get into moods where I don't comment much then others where I comment alot (that has to do my partial ADD that I have) because I'm feeling more talkative so that's why you see difference in my commenting.

Also waited around my parents to come over.  I don't know why I believe them when they say “well see blah blah time” because it NEVER seems to happen when they agree to come over.  Ok not never but let's put it this way, it's like that 78% of the time that my time gets wasted.  I do realize that I don't work but that doesn't mean that my time isn't as valuable as others.  They used to do this when I did work so this was far worse because I wanted to do this or that on this day but I couldn't because I had “wait around” for my dumb ass parents that will never show up.  It's really annoying to me.  Whenever this happens, I always wonder to myself if it's because they decided to see my dumb ass sister instead.  

Later on, my dad calls at like 8pm, when we were supposed to get together for like 3pm!!  Yeah that's a good time to call.  My dad NEVER charges his cellphone so it dies and my mom well she's useless so that's why hers is never on or working.  *rolls eyes* I called their cells to find out if they were coming but of course “this person isn't available” shocker.  Really why do you have a cellphone if you NEVER turn it on?!  *ggrr*  Another good reason why I fuckin' hate cellphones!!!!  Tony got mad because we were talking about how my parents always “forget about us” and he mentioned how my dad treats me like I'm a kid again.  As if I'm not married and I'm only living here with my husband “temporarily” *HA* Then I went to Tony, welcome to my life!  ALL of my family treats me like I'm 12 years old again and I am to do whatever they tell me to and that I should “obey them” *rolls eyes* wtf?  Familys suck!  Plain & simple!  I've never been treated like an adult, I'm always treated like some child.  Guess you don't have to guess why I want to move to NC? HUH?

Our hand soap is causing me to get allergic reaction.  We used to use ivory soap but then we switched to what was on sale the soft soap instead which I think I remember having problems before but it has been a long time we used it.  Tony can still use it and likes it so we're getting me some hand soap (ivory most likely) tomorrow since I'm now getting hives on my hands, it's pretty bad.  I'm icky it too 😦 it's not pleasant.  I'm very sensitive did I tell you that before?  I just got it now even though we've had it for awhile because it takes awhile for your skin to get something.  It doesn't just happen THE minute that you use something. Slowly it was happening, but nothing too drastic as it is now.  

I'm working on

's letter right now, I'm hoping to have it done before tomorrow.  I'm going to finish it up after I'm done with this entry.  Watched some Lost earlier as well as some comedy on demand on comedy central.  I LOVE that aspect of our cable, I mean how cool is that?!  We can pause, fast forward, it's like having DVR but without having to pay for the extra *laughs* but I really don't see the point to DVR since we're “home bodies” and as my dad says “never leave home.” Yet we go to the mall and other places ALL the time but I don't agree with him, it's not worth it.  Why should I?!  I've always been anti social and most people (you guys aren't included) suck anyways so why bother going out much?!  Everything I need is here anyways!

Well that's about it and I need to finish the letter now.  Oh, I put up a new freebie

 so check it out if you're a member.  If you're not, why not?!  Take care all and have a good weekend.

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