Project 365: Day 53

Published March 28, 2008 by sadistickitten

Listened to Music channel while writing

's letter today and I also finally got to read the other letters that I got in the mail.  I'll work on

's letter reply tomorrow which will go out Monday or Saturday if I make the mail (seems like whenever I try to put another letter out and get it finished “before” the mailman gets there, I miss him *grubble* which rather pisses me off) but I shall do my best.  Our mail never comes at the exact time every day.  One day it'll come at 5pm at night the next 5pm and then the next time 3:30pm is the typical time.  Very frustrating for me since I can't see the mailman coming (we're in the basement and the mailbox is upstairs).

Taking a short break from writing tonight because  I want to read my princess mia book since it's been at least a week since I have done so but I'll get back to writing later or tomorrow.  We all need breaks every once and awhile.  I also want to play sims if my arm will stop bothering me for a little while later. I think I slept on it last night or something because it's all fucked up today.  😦  

Talked to my mom about the shirts and when dad would come to get them.  He wasn't home when I called because he has to make up 2 hours for being in late one time at work.  She was actually bitching about other things this time NOT about my sister nor Elizabeth, I almost fell over after I got off the phone because there was NO mention about that!  She's never like that!!!  Aaww maybe she's changing?! Nah, can't be that….

Ordered the earrings from HT (the store didn't have them the other day *POOH*) website and I used my debit card from the scanner thing that I do ^_^ woohooo and now I've got about 30 bucks on there still.  I don't want to use it all up but every once & awhile I don't see the point of buying something with it.  The ONLY other thing that I bought was the red sox green hat for my dad for his birthday.  I figured that I could buy something nice for myself on it right?  It was only 13 bucks with shipping which really isn't that bad.

Nothing else has really been going on with me.  I have to clean the house tomorrow just in case my parents are coming over to pick up the shirts that my dad ordered.  He owes me 8 dollars in the end since he had money left over from the other shirt.  Cheap I'd say for him right?  ^_^ I think 8 dollars he can afford.  My mom was saying “well I don't know if he'll have the money.  My dad will be impressed when he hears how much he owes me.

The other shirt came in it today, I got mine at the same time (to save on shippping) and it came pretty damn fast in a day I LIKE that!!! πŸ˜€ wooohoo.  This time, I got a mens' because last time they gave me the mens when I ordered the womens so I decided to save some extra $ and buy the mens' (it's cheaper than the womens') instead.  Why pay extra when you don't have to?!  

I forgot Liana's stuff (I'm slipping lately) so I'm sending hers out tomorrow because I dont' want to forget again. If I misses any questions that you asked, I apologize I'll try to remember next time.  One pal asked me where I buy my stationary from.  Well it depends, sometimes I buy from Ebay,, or I find stuff at Toy R Us (they've got Diddl stuff for a penpal of mine).  Mostly been buying from since I had an issue with Ebay and a deadbeat seller that I never got my stuff from 😦 sorta of discouraged me.

Well I got to go now, my hands are getting sore again from writing & typing too much(wrote a bunch of letters today, now you know why I need a break huh?).  So take care all and have a good week.


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