Project 365: Day 51

Published March 26, 2008 by sadistickitten
Today I entered my contests (that's my sheet that I use for my entries) as well as did the laundry, unpacked all the way, straightened out the house, went grocery shopping, watched lost, watched greatest american hero episode, and talked to my mom.  Told her that we're going to see a jeweler about the earrings to verify that they are indeed USED/WORN.  

There's a whole drama thing that Malinda started on Easter about “claiming” the earrings were in fact new.  Yes because whenever I give someone earrings, I make sure to take the backings off them and put on new clear ones to all of them. Not only that, but I also make sure to have rust on them. *rolls eyes* She's such a liar.  But to get my parents off my back, I said we'd take them to a jeweler to verify.  She actually agreed that'd be ok.  We're going to go to the lady that my parents know in the mall so she can tell them first hand that yes these are definately not used.  Hopefully, this will put their “talk to her & work it out between you” crap away.  

I was going to write up about the situation but I wrote it in my written journal while we were away and I'm done now.  I will however, if any of my pals want to talk about it, are free to ask me questions or what not but I won't go and post a whole entry about it UNLESS something new happens.

I took a bunch of pics while we were coming home which I plan on doing a pic gams post soon with all of it in it.  I don't want to get into a huge long update about what happened while we were at Foxwoods.  I'll leave that for my letters/penpals but we had a good time.  It gave me time to digest about the drama and some good time away.  I needed that and I'm glad that Tony let me come along, thanks sweetie *naked huggles* 

Well Tony wants to watch the last episode of season 1 of LOST so I'd better let you go.  After that, I'll be writing letters.  I can't believe I finished up Sam & Max: Chariots of Dogs which I'm happy about yet sad at the same time since I won't be able to finish the season till April 11th when the last one comes out 😦 wwwahhhh.  Ok well gotta go.  I'll have a new freebie up for

 soon, I just need some time to get back in the swing of things.

take care all and have a good weekend.

by the sweet:


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