project 365: Day 50

Published March 23, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today, we went to Foxwoods. I'll take better pics later. I forgot to take a few pics when we first came here to show you where we were and what the hotel looks like sorry I'll do that stuff on the way home. And I'll be taking pics tomorrow of various things as well.

Earlier today at my parents house it was something. I won't get into more now, I tried to but the stupid page refreshed itself so I lost EVERYTHING! But I'll work on another entry but this time I'm going to write it down in my written journal so I don't sound so stupid. Plus there's a lot that i need to write about so I need some time to get it all out.

Here's a cliffs note of what happened:
~my sister's a liar
~my sister's fake
~my sister manipulates
~claimed that i was mistaken about the earrings
~claims they're new (bs)
~got yelled at
~told I was acting like a 5 yr because i won't talk to her
~that I need “work this out” between us
~i'm the immature one really that's what my dad basically said but I didn't go to mommy & daddy to cry my eyes out, what I did was it happened was to inform of what she gave me not to complain to my parents

So yah wasn't very pleasant but they stopped after awhile so that's good 😀 I'll write a full detailed entry about that at another time. If you don't want to hear about it, let me know and I'll put it on a filter so you don't have to read it Ok? Cool.

have a good night all & happy easter!

by the sweet:
by the sweet:

ps thank you to for everything that you make me, I LOVE all your icons. You rock *hugs* ♥


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