Published March 23, 2008 by sadistickitten

I just posted a poll asking everyone (ok only my pals) if you are still my penpal.  PLEASE fil this out so that way I know who's not my penpal.  If you don't fill out the form at all saying yes or no, I'll know that you don't want to be pals with me and that's fine with me but I just need to know.  I'm sick of not hearing some people and I want to know right now.  So if you WANT to stay my pal, say YES on the poll, if not then don't bother answering it.  OK?  I won't be offended if you say “I'd like to stay your LJ pal insetad of being your penpal” that's fine too.  I like having friends in my journal that comments, read and like to know about my life but if you don't feel that writing is something that you want to do then just tell me.   I want to know this becuase I'm looking at my folder (that I keep my letters in) and I haven't heard from some people in FOREVER.  I shouldn't have to ask this I know I want to double check the people that I'm pretty sure still want to be my pal.  For those that I believe don't, I won't be offending you saying no really I won't.  Just keep me here as well as myspace or facebook.

Thanks for listening everyone.  Have a happy easter!  


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