Something To Think About–Filter Post Since Others Might Get Offended

Published March 21, 2008 by sadistickitten

I've decided after much thought on the matter NO to strike after all.  Bitch at me if you want but I'm a woman and I'm allowed to change my mind fuck ya.  Here's what I thought of…

My husband runs a website and when he makes changes to the site (i.e. updates and what not) all the time. Sometimes he asks the members what they think is good, which is great but that doesn't mean that he will do whatever they tell him to.  He likes to hear their opinions but in the end, it's his decision.  Even advertizers have told him that he should do this or that but in the end, it's up to him.

Same goes for LJ.  Plus Tony pointed out that it's a website.  They have a right to change ANYTHING on their site that they want to.  So if I don't care to strike such things, then I shouldn't.  Plus, I'm not sure that I even understand what this strike is about.  Becauase of the no longer free accounts?  So what?!  No more free accounts, big deal!  Is it about trying to “get justice” and I read in a friends entry earlier that made me realize that what I'm doing is lame.

She said that this “strike” isn't a strike.  Do we work for LJ!? No we just go here.  It's rather lame to say a strike (that's probably why I had such a problem with this whole thing in the first place), because we don't work for them.  And she's right, it's more like a boycott.  Who was the genius behind that “strike” comment?  They need to be shot.  And I'm sure that others are going to bitch at me about “how I'm wrong and bs” but you know what?  I don't care.  I have a right to my own opinion.  

I know that I must sound stupid for “striking” then not caring.  Well, I have a bit of a comprehension problem and it takes me longer to understand and realize things than others so sue me.  I can't change that fact but at least I can realize that I was wrong!  Hell we all make mistakes.  I'm sure that after I post this entry, I'll get taken off a lot of people's friends list.  That's fine, but just realize that I have my right to my own opinions, even if they were lame and stupid before.  

“Striking” isn't going to make LJ change their minds or do anything differently. It's just going to show them that they're immature and stupid because we are complaining about not having free accounts anymore.  And besides, I didn't pay all that money NOT to post, comment, etc on LJ for perm account.  It wasn't cheap but in the end, I like my account!  I like getting more icons, etc. it's the best decision that I ever made.  Now that I'm going to step off my soap box now and get back to doing stuff before I made sugar cookies.    
As for the sex filtering stuff, I get that they want to make it so kids can't access certain things but they should actually have it so they've got kids OLDER than 13 years old. I mean come on now, that's just silly.  I've been a lot of communities and they've done a lot of stuff lately.  They made sure to put the age of joining to 13 years old.  

I knew that I should've stuck with my gutt on this one, when I first got the letter in my email I didn't care.  I have a perom account (as long as they don't get rid of me, then I don't care) and that's how I should've just stayed with it, I don't care.  I could care less about this issue because sorry but it doesn't involve me.  And next time something like this happens, shouldn't have just “listened to the crowd” on this one.  Also I need to learn not to care *laughs* My name on here is: “empowering myself to not give a fuck” I really should stand by that!  Because yah people are upset but doing this isn't going to change things.  It's just going to piss people off.  Besides, it's not like everyone's participating either so who cares?  

*shakes head* I can admit when I'm wrong, can you?


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