Feels Weird

Published March 21, 2008 by sadistickitten

 Figured it had been awhile since the last time that I updated here so here I am!!  Let's see?!  What's up with me?! hhhmmm.. I have finished all my letters to penpals which I gotta say feels weird!!!  But nice all at once.  Not sure if I'll get any in the mail tomorrow or not but if I do, I will just bring that with me to Foxwoods Sunday.  It's weird, I feel soo happy and thrilled that Foxwoods is coming so quickly yet at the same time I'm feeling lost.  As if I need to do something else but I have done everything that I needed to do, but just to make sure let's go over the to do list just in case. 

Things I Need To Do Before Foxwoods:
~pack bags
~paint nails
~update journal
~send letter to aliskevicz family (malinda & co)
~verify time for Easter
~finish letters
~charge all devices
~do laundry
~dye hair
~make sugar cookies
~finish vol 8 princess book

Guess that's everything.  I do also have to add my nightguard, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a mouse (to use with the laptop) but that stuff can't be added till later anyways.  But basically I'm all done packing.  I still have that feeling that I've forgotten something but we haven't left yet.  Does anyone else get that feeling from time to time?!  

I'm bringing my hand written journal with me but a smaller version because the other one is just too big and takes up too much space.  Yes I know, but you have already started the old one?!  Well I'll finish with that one but I just hate having something that's so big in my bag to take up all that space.  Bag enough my book takes up a lot of space I don't need a journal doing the same.  

I'm sure you're wondering (if you are at all) why am I bringing a hand written journal (meaning one that I can write with pen and paper) if we are bringing the laptop with us.  Well that's because sometimes there are times where you just don't feel like writing about things in here so I like to write in that.  I'm also trying to write in there more often because I have been neglecting it a lot lately.  That doesn't mean that I won't be writing in here that much because I will.  Just the stuff that bothers me that I can't talk to about anyone but Tony and sometimes I can't even talk to Tony about it.

I'm taking a break from my star wars game.  Not sure why but I'm just not feeling right now so I don't see the point of playing it.  After awhile, those RPG's are all the same on each part that you go through.  It's like oh lookie again what's happen?  Yup the same thing as last time but on a different world/level.  That just annoys me.  

I'm weird like that because I can play sims 2 all that I want with my tons of expansion paks and never get bored of it.  Speaking of Sims 2, did you know that they're working on a sims 3?!  It's going to be out next year 2009 sometime.  Isn't that crazy?!  They've got TONS of expansion paks and now they're working on a new whole one?!  Tony's magazine had it on the front cover that's how I heard about it but if you do a search online you'll see there's tons of info about it as far back as 2006.

Other than the letter writing like crazy to prepare for Foxwoods, I have been (sorry I keep mentioning Foxwoods, I know how annoying that must sound) playing sam & max: season 2 episode 204 “chariots of the dogs” and they were right, it does answer a lot of questions but at the same time it raises even more questions.  I'm currently stuck again (shocker) at this one point.  I figured out last night how to get where I am in my sleep but I can't figure out how to get further.  Guess I'll have to wait to till I go to bed and see if I can figure it out then.  

Tony's playing his in free roll right for the big giveaway.  The prize HOPEFULLY will be changed because the asshole from the WPT (the VP) sent Tony an email saying finally (after dodging all of his) that he can not do the giveaway at this time.  The asshole actually said “I already sent you an email saying that I couldn't do this” yah bs.  Tony never recieved this “email” that you sent.

Which reminds me, I had someone claim the same type of thing years ago.  One time when no one was home, a woman said that she “left” a message on our answering machine and said that she called. Here's the thing, my parents just recently (they hate answering machines) got an answering machine and broke down to get one when I move in with Tony because they wanted to MY calls.  And for years before that, they never had one.  AND my parents also didn't have caller ID till just recently.  I NEVER saw that she called so I knew that this lady was lieing.  Why is that people have to lie like that.  Just fuckin' tell the truth that you NEVER emailed nor called, and you didn't intend to.  Gesh, people!

Another place Tony had contacted about doing this giveaway with someone else said that they would be interested in doing it with their giveaway which means it would be another giveaway entirely with someone that's pretty close to what he was going to giveaway.  Instead of WPT it's WSP something like that.  Hopefully that works out so he can do the giveaway and not look like some ass because he's been promoting this giveaway for awhile now.

After Foxwoods/Easter weekend, I plan on having something springy as a new freebie in my community.  Not sure what yet because I haven't come up with anything yet but I think I'll work on that next since Tony's still in his tourney and all.  I already frosted the cookies while watching the soup a little while ago.  

Well Tony's out of the tournament now, so I'm off to get ready for bed then read in bed for a litlte while till he's done.  Take care all & good night, happy easter all.

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