Project 365: Day 47

Published March 20, 2008 by sadistickitten

You can't tell from the picture that I took but today we watched “Vacancy” some of it was scary but a lot of it was lame.  It's like come on now, do you think that all of us are stupid enough to believe these things?!  Odviously, since it made it in the movie as a cut! God, so lame.

I also packed my bags since I needed to get that stuff done and all.  I hate packing at the last minute so I always pack ahead of time, Tony makes fun of me but if I forget something by waiting till the last minute I'd scream so this way I don't have to.  *laughs* Did the laundry, painted my nails (still need to do my feet), wrote my letter to

 which will go out tomorrow, did the grocery shopping.  I still need to make the sugar cookies (I'll be doing that next after I post this entry), and dye my hair (I'll be doing that tomorrow since I can't do that with dirty hair which mine is like that right now).  After that, I'll be all done!

Tomorrow I've decided to do participate in the strike which means I won't be updating

 with any new letters.  If I get anything new, I'll let you know Saturday that I got this or that on Friday.  I can stay away from LJ for ONE day, I mean after all I don't have to live on here every day.  Plus it'll be nice to stay off the computer as much as I can tomorrow.

I might end up saving an entry then posting it on Saturday after the strike is over with.  I don't know.  I also finished Vol #8 last night Princess on the brink good book.  Glad that I have #9 because I really wanted to know what happened next.  The only problem is that I'll be wondering what'll happen at the end of this one now *laughs*  Still not sure if I'll read bridget or labyrinth, I guess we'll see how I feel when I finish this one.

I'm currently trying to catch up on posts that were made recently before the strike starts and all, so if I don't comment on EVERYTHING thing that's the reason because I didn't think of anything to say about it that's all.  Don't think that I didn't read it because I did.  

Well I'm off to take care of things.  Have a good Easter & weekend all.  

You probably won't hear from me till after Easter since tomorrow's the strike, Saturday I need to get stuff done plus I also need to get the last things ready for Foxwoods.  Have a good weekend all, see you Monday!

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