Project 365: Day 46

Published March 19, 2008 by sadistickitten

Organized the Easter stuff for my parents as well as wrapped the last birthday gift for my dad.  I also started packing (not totally done yet) but I decided that instead I want to fill requests for 

 because I want to have that done before Friday comes here and I can pack tomorrow.  

I also want to finish up one more letter (possibly 2) before I leave.  Plus, my princess #8 book since I'm at the end of the book and I only have about 6 pages left to read but I was very tired last night so instead I went to bed.  I don't see the point of bringing a book that has so few pages left you know?  

Last night, I forgot to add a few pics last night so I'll do that in this post.  Nothing else is really going on.

Here's the rest of the picture post:

Won this from FULL size

Won this from cosmogirl:


 (for scrapbooking & to keep my bra from showing
amazon (used my free 25 dollars ecertificate) to get–this what was inside it:

My dad's birthday gift & purchase:

Well I'm off to fill the requests for

 then I got to finish my book, write my letters and pack.  Take care all.


by me


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