Almost Ready For Foxwoods

Published March 18, 2008 by sadistickitten

Things are going well with me.  Things are almost ready for Foxwoods, I just need to pack my bags.  We've got basically everything done however I might need to a small wash before we go because we need some things that we've got in there.  In this post, I plan on doing a photo post of sorts which will be of different types of things.  After this post, I'll be posting and creating some Easter freebies for 

 because I haven't done them yet, sorry guys!!!

Other than what I wrote for my project 365 thing, I am going to update about what happened last night.  Normally, you guys know how Tony and I LOVE to be like hobbits or home bodies well… last night we stepped out and went to my best friend Marne's Saint Patricks' Day party (we don't get together often because she's always working crazy hours and when she's not, she's extremely tired but we keep in touch through what else MYSPACE or facebook–since she has now joined there).  

Called Marne on her cell to find out where the party was at and what hotel room that they were staying at.  She gave us the details and we headed over there for 9pm.  They were still at Chopsticks eating supper (they eat late and we eat around 5pm–I don't eat after 7pm) when we got there early.

Tony and I had bought those blinky st pattys things for Marne & her sister's as well as for me.  Tony even wore green or we'd have to pinch him *laughs* it's an irish tradition.  Anyhoo, we brought our alcohol that we had (one shrimnoff ice for me & miller lite for Tony plus a few things that we bought that we never drink anymore) and I was good, I drank it slowly because after that one bad time I make sure to never make that mistake again.  

What was cool about them is that everyone there did NOT like kids (and we were then deemed cool ^_^), and didn't believe in god.  We were either atheist or other which we really don't believe in anything at all but we just don't have a title for ourselves (mainly me and marne). So we were free to talk about how much we hate kids as well as how much we don't believe in that whole church/god thing.  The bible thing was a joke, none of us believe in it but we all get a kick out of hotels having to put them in there still.  Come on now, it's 2008 for christ's sake!

We played clue (Tony won), talked, laughed, it was great!! I had the best time!!!  ^_^ I only had that one drink but that was enough for me and I was full from supper time so I wasn't feeling the alcohol at all YAY!!!  I took a bunch of pics which I'll show in this post but it was the best time ever!!!  Thanks Marne *huggles* 

Now here are things that I bought since the last time that I did a photo post:

Ordered this off Ebay (got FREE shipping):

Ordered this off Ebay:

Sanrio order:

Circuit City:

Recent Sanrio Order:
her head moves like a bobble head!!!

needed to replace a few pens that died recently (like 10) order (free shipping):
from site because I can't find my pic.  Decided to get this watch because my other one is 60 bucks and I don't want to wear that expensive one EVERY day.

box it came in: (only cost me 20 bucks)

Tony ate all these ^_^

That's the end of HK items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are pictures from the party:

Left to Right:

Tony's back, can't remember his name, and Critter (Marne's sister)

liquor they had:

back of Tony again:

my HK rainbow sox:


Marne again:

Gigga Marne's sister (younger one just turned 21) & Critter:

clue cards that I had:

Soon to come, videos of the night.  Just need to upload them which I'm currently trying to do right now on photobucket. 

by me 


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