Project 365: Day 42

Published March 15, 2008 by sadistickitten
Today, was a busy day for me.  Tony and I switched sides last night because my side wasn't comfy (hadn't been for a long time) and we just changed the sheets the other day so I thought that he'd turn the mattress (we actually have one where you don't really HAVE to turn it over but we do anyways) but I was wrong.

Got up in the middle of the night because we had the door open (had the humidifer going) and Princess came in to annoy us, well mainly me because I was in “Tony's spot” and I kept kicking her off of me and putting her on him because she was once sitting on my hair and when I moved OUCH did that hurt, and another time she was just walking all over me so I got a bit poed and moved her.  I wake up when the slightest thing happens.

Went back to sleep, woke up later on in the day and did my normal morning things.  Eat lunch while watching Willow (promised Tony that I would watch it with him & yes we watch movies and tv while we eat SUE me) and after we were done eating, I decided that I wanted to make cookies.  He's been wanting them for a little while so of course he was cool with me half watching the movie.  

Later on, I put out the mail (got it as well) and recieved a letter in the mail today woohoo.  I plan on writing Heidi's some time tomorrow bcause I didn't have the time to do much of that today.  Went to do the groceries earlier too which we needed as well as get stuff for Foxwoods.  We'll still have to go to Walmart to pick up minor things for Foxwoods but still.

Earlier, I organized the drawers since they were really a mess in there as well as out of order as hell.  Then I took HOURS (I mean HOURS) because photobucket was being a bitch to put in a new mood theme in my journal.  Almost lost this entry but I just copy and pasted it in word, gotta love that ability.  So it's been a stressful night and I even dirty the newly changed sheet *wink* it's been a long day so I'm off to get some rest, if I can after all this.  Ggrrr  Gotta get ready for bed now, laters.

Take care and have a good weekend all!

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