Project 365: Day 41

Published March 14, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today I recieved my dad's birthday gift (part of it anyways) what he wanted. I just ordered the other part of his gift earlier (had to ask my dad for the code because I lost it) because I wasn't sure if my dad had a green hat (see last post that I made yesterday) so I had to ask my mom about it a few minutes ago.  I forgot till now. *DOH*

Woke up very early because we went to bed earlier than we normally do.  I had a problem last night so this morning, I couldn't eat what we had for breakfast. Tony was wonderful enough to get me a bagel and homefries for me at Friendlys'.   ^_^ awww so sweet.  *huggles* Watched Lost while we ate and Tony later ate (didn't because I had just eaten) lunch.  While he ate we watched Hell Boy finally and it was good.  Took a nap a little bit after that and then I got the mail.

Worked on supper and wrote

 letter at the same time.  I made mashed potatoes and this time I left the skins on it and Tony LOVED it so guess what I'm doing next time?  Plus I also put more milk and butter in it to make it extra creamy and Tony helped with the mashing.  

Talked with my dad ealier about different things plus to wish him a happy birthday, I'm 2 days late I know but I don't like calling during working hours (my dad's work) because the guys make their dumb ass comments (making cat calls or saying how I sound hot, yes because that's what a dad wants to hear *rolls eyes*) and I knew that he'd be celebrating his 60th birthday party at lunchtime.  I could've called when he got out of work but he works 3 jobs (some of you might not know this) so that would be hard.  Plus I don't like calling at like 11pm.

When I ordered my dad's hat, I used my debit card that I got from doing my scanning thing and it worked!!!  YES!  Now I have 43 something left on it.  I'm thinking that next time HK has a good sale on some things I'll use that instead of my credit card that'll be sweet!  Definately a good reason to keep up with the scanning.  

My dad mentioned something about getting together for Sunday to celebrate his birthday or just get together since it's been awhile since we saw each other. We'll see how it goes considering my dad works on Sunday and all.   But at least he's only works 3 days a week at his 2nd job.  I like to hear that he's taking it easy!

Well I have

 to finish up so it'll go out tomorrow, I don't think I'll get Heidi's out in time for tomorrow but I'll definately get Sanni's.  *ggrr* stupid scanner's not sending my information, if it doesn't send it again today I'm going to contact them tomorrow asking them if something can be done.  That way maybe I'll get a new scanner.

Take care all. Have a good weekend!


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