Project 365: Day 40

Published March 13, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today I waited for my package from to arrive.  I was hoping for it to arrive before March 20th like it said that it should because I wanted it before I went to Foxwoods as well as before I finished off “Princess On The Brink: Vol 8” which the next book was in the package. WOOHOO!  Used my ecertificate to get this (from doing surveys).

Other than that, I wrote 4 letters today but only 2 of them went out with the mail today.  The other 2 are going out tomorrow.  I've added a few special things to some people's letters, I didn't do it for everyone because I wasn't sure that everyone would want one.

I think that I've given people enough time to request from

 now so I'm going to fill requests tonight, after I finish this entry.  One question for everyone that uses Photoshop, do you know any good tutorials that I use to learn technics and what not.  Any help is much appreciated.  

I plan on playing around with that stuff tonight, that is if I can finish the graphics stuff first.  I worked on photoshop for awhile to figure out how to make some icons for Tony but I can't figure out how to make the fonts in there look good.  But I saved it so I'll use the background, put it into PSP make the lettering, save it then put it into PS and work on the brushes and stuff that I have.  If others have any other suggestions, feel free to help me out.  I worked on putting together others graphics, I haven't edited them yet but I plan on working on them tomorrow.  Since now I only have 3 letters to write it'll be easier to get my graphics done.  I will write another letter tomorrow and make sure to have it out for Saturday, if not 2 we'll see how it goes.  Well I'm off to get ready for bed and maybe even read. 

In minor news, Adobe FINALLY refunded my money from the order that I made through their site awhile back (remember this

).  I was checking out their site (because I was looking for free elements for my photoshop online) and noticed that I did in fact get a refund.  Thank GOD!  I would've been in the hole $500 dollars, now I'm almost 300 dollar RICHER!  Thankfully, they did refund my money but I learned NEVER to buy from them or any site online (check out ebay or amazon ONLY).  However, the photoshop that I purchased on was for HALF the price of 

I'm happy that my sis aka

 is back however she is still a bit sick so keep her in your thoughts because I don't want my sissy being sick anymore 😦 *hugs* ❤ get better!!!!  *sends good vibes her way* And I wanted to say  to

 I am sorry about what happened at work *hugs* 

I ordered my dad Men At Work cd for him, because he's got the casette but wanted the cd for his birthday.  So I ordered it off of but I haven't gotten it in the mail yet.  It's supposed to be here either today or by the 17th.  If it doesn't come here by this weekend when my dad wants to see us but we'll see how it goes.  I'm not sure what to get my dad for his birthday, I still need to figure out what else to get him.  I'm thinking of getting him either the first or the second:

My dad LOVES tshirts and hats, so it's a hard choice here.  I'll have to talk with my mom about it to find out.  If I decide to get either one, I'll have to wait to see them to celebrate my dad's birthday till Easter because it won't come in till next week sometime. 

I want to get myself either one of these (or both), the 2nd one is SO very me ^_^ if you know what I mean *wink*
But it's not “buy something for me time” it's get something for my dad's birthday time.  Maybe when the price goes down I'll pick it them up for myself.  Now I wish that I had a code.

Well I'm off to work on some icons for Tony as well as work on the graphics for my communities.   I read a bunch of entries earlier, not all of them but I didn't comment on EVERY entry but I did read them.  So just because I didn't comment on all, doesn't mean that I didn't read it ok?  Cool!  

Take care all.   Hope you have a good weekend, TGIF!

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