Why Do People Always Call Me Like This?

Published March 11, 2008 by sadistickitten

Ok so everytime someone calls they always say this “hey there Jennifer, can you give me a call back when you get a chance.” To me, this is rude. I understand that maybe they don't want to leave a long message. Great but TELL ME wtf you do want. Here's why I'm poed right now. My grandmother just called and say EXACTLY that. Left a message saying that and nothing about wtf she wanted. I'm sorry but you expect me to call you back, tell what is it at least.

And another thing, the only time that people call is to ask me for favors. Especially when the last time I heard from my grandmother was christmas. I mean how rude is that? Call me up all the time just for favors. I don't do that to you why bother doing that to me. I know I must sound insensitive because after all she's my grandmother but I'm sick of it from EVERYONE! I don't call them up asking them to call me back but not say what it is about. I always say what it's about plus not only that but I also make sure to not ask for favors when they've done NOTHING for me. Not saying that I don't love my grandmother and all but come on, why can't she leave a message saying WHAT she wants. Then I'll more than happy to call her back. She called back again later on, still haven't called her because we've been busy today.

Why don't people just leave me alone?! I don't bother them for favors, don't bother me!

*arrrrggghhh* rant over.


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