Project 365: Day 39

Published March 11, 2008 by sadistickitten

Went to Petco today and got cat foof for Princess because was less than half way down.  Plus it was nice to get out of the house, we all need some time outside our world from time to time.  It was nice, we looked around and Tony thought that we'd be able to see some bunnies (ahead of time I watched them on youtube just in case) but I knew since it's close to easter that they'd be all sold out.  I was right!!!!  They didn't even have anything but rats or mice.  I did video tape some turtles though ^_^.

Watched some more Lost, did a HUGE amount of cleaning earlier (I'm having one of my “I feel extremely fat days” we all have those day, and today was mine) not just because of feeling fat but also because it had been awhile and it really needed to get done.  I even cleaned the oven (spot clean) which really needed to get done.  

The toilet was something else too *phew*  I didn't clean the shower or tub but I didn't want to over due myself (of course Tony already thinks that I did).  I even cleaned my desk and organized it, you should see it!!! It looks really good.  I put away some of the special HK (princess likes to bite and chew my HK's so I don't want her to ruin them anymore so I am putting them away till we get a house so they won't get ruined anymore).  

I am about to finish

's letter so it'll go out tomorrow.  I took yesterday off of writing becuase I wrote 3 the other day I needed a break.  Her will go out tomorrow.  I don't have Marie's done yet but I'll work on that tomorrow and hopefully get it out.  Today our mail came at like 10am or something crazy like that.  That's not normal for us at ALL.  That's why no letters got out if it came normally, Trina's would've been done sooner.

Well all I'm exhausted and want to finish up her letter than enter contests.  Take care.


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