Project 365: Day 36

Published March 8, 2008 by sadistickitten

Made meatballs for us.  Ok they really aren't for us tonight, they're for us tomorrow.  I cooked them for a shorter time in the oven and now I'm putting them in the crock pot so that way it will cook over night and it'll taste yummy by lunch tomorrow.  It smells SO very yummy if you could smell it you'd want to eat it now.

The funny thing is that Tony was like “I want your meatballs” so he's been wanting them for awhile now but we needed to do minor grocery shopping today because we didn't have any bread.  I've got a great recipe that has more natural recipes and I LOVE using it.  I'm a huge fan of cookbooks.  This was cost me 20 bucks, maybe a little bit more with tax but still it's been worth it.  

Well that's about it.    I'm working on a letter to Megan right now or well I was when I was working on the meatballs.  I'm taking a short break from it so I could write up this post.  I'll get back to it after this.

by the sweet:


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