Such Idiots–HIGHLY filtered post

Published March 4, 2008 by sadistickitten

Jesus, I swear some people are idiots I tell you IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!   Yesterday I posted a LINK that goes to PC magazine that has TONS of free software.  It was an article mentioned at Yahoo's front page right?!  Well this stupid idiot makes a comment saying “the link caused my internet to shut down” wtf?!  I was JUST there and NOTHING happened.

I tell her it's a glitch on her end and she's like “maybe” what?!  I was JUST there you dumbass!!!  I was there LAST night and TODAY like SECONDS before I posted it as well as just checked it AGAIN!  I keep my computer CLEAN and I mean CLEAN!!!  I defrag, scan for viruses, have a virus protection that I update CONSTANTLY (try like every 10 or 20 minutes) and I have adaware AND spyware blockers on my computer.  Plus I have IE 7 which I like far better than Firefox.  I've tried it yes several times but never liked it how it changed my settings on me and caused problems with my IE.  Fuck it, I'll take what microsoft gives me.  My point being here is that why do people have to be such asses?!  If it's NOT on my end, then maybe you really should think about either :

1. upgrade your computer (since yours is a piece of crap) 
2.  don't make up lies
3. if I'm not having the problems it's GOT to be on your end fuck head
4. don't start shit with me unless you want me to come back at you with more

God, there's another person that I'm taking off of my filters.  Don't need some stupid idiot telling me that I'm giving people crap.  Hello?!  It's from fuckin' PC magazine.  Not some site that you go to get shit from to ruin your computer.  God!

EDIT: Wtf?! I can't even vent in my OWN journal anymore.  Gesh!!!  Once again, I get mad at someone telling me I'm wrong about what I post and now I've got someone telling me that I can't vent.  I can say whatever the fuck I want to in MY OWN mother fuckin' journal!!!  Don't like it, nor do you care to hear me vent then I'll fuckin' take you off this filter.   Have the right to post, bitch, vent, etc whatever else I wanna do in my OWN journal.  Fuck off!


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