Project 365: Day 32

Published February 28, 2008 by sadistickitten

Princess was ALL over me today, she was on my lap constantly!!!! She's been so very needy to me lately.  Here's what's weird…she'll give me a lot of attention and love during the colder months but when it's hotter outside she won't.  What I think is weird is that she'll still give Tony plenty of atttention.

Not the best pic in the world but I didn't want to have the flash go off in her face, poor girl I do that far too much so I wanted to save her from the flash at least this time.  She kept going on my lap and rubbing up against me.  Wish that I spoke cat language because she keeps walking into the kitchen meowing at everything.  Then she'll rub up against the fridge and meow as if I know oh ok she wants something.  It's like I'm going to give her whatever she wants in the fridge?! Nope not going to happen.

Currently working on a letter to DiDi that I am hoping will go out tomorrow, that's why I'm ending it here so I can finish it and get it out before tomorrow.  Take care all.  

PS: certain applications on facebook haven't been working for me all day so right now I'm working on doing the ones that I couldn't.  Just thought that I'd let others know that.  Comments will come tomorrow I just want to work on this letter for DiDi then I'll have some more free time.  Lately seems like surveys are taking up all my time, I do them for like hours now.  It's crazy!!!!  

Oh the reason why I haven't been around much (actually I check my friends page but sometimes I just don't like commenting or I'll read bits and parts of my friends page but not the whole thing) is because my period is coming soon and I've already got these cramps starting 😦 *blah* I hate it.  Well I'm off to finish the letter.


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