Published February 27, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today I woke up feeling actually good ^_^ I had a good dream and everything.  Started off the day taking a shower and it was nice way to start off the day.  Started working on getting lunch together after I answered some emails then all of a sudden I felt very sick.  All of a sudden out of the blue, I was having problems and starting coughing up phelm (produce too much for some reason, always have ever since I was a kid) and then I threw up.  It was rather nasty the other thing that I took before I threw up was a few daily vitamins but I guess some of them just didn't agree with me this morning (probably should've waited to have them WITH my meal instead of without like I normally do but we were going to eat in a few minutes).  

Anyhoo, the start of the day wasn't so great at all.  I still eat the meal but I just ate very slowly and had some pepto bismol just to be sure and for supper I ate soup because I didn't want to upset it any more then I already had.  I am now drinking ginger ale (we never have it on hand but now we do because I bought small bottles instead of a big one–Tony hates ginger ale) to help keep it all down.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better, it was probably just one of those things.  NO I am NOT pregnant.  If I hear one person “joke” about it with me because I got sick I'm going to KILL someone.

Things with Tony and I have been good, he's finished most of his site updates check out to see the updates that he's made.  Of course, if you haven't seen the site before then you won't notice a different but he's made it much more user friendly.  I like the design of it and he's done a lot of work on it too.  Not only that but I've helped with the color and scheme designs that he's now got up there.  I feel so special giving him advice about it, more like it's a joint thing instead of just him.  Which of course, whenever one person in a marriage owns something the other person should know stuff about it or at least be involved some how (because what affects him, affects her and vice versa).  At least that's just my view on the matter.

My nose is still driving me nuts by being blocked and stuff ughs, I hate it so very much but at least it's better than having a full blown cold right?!  It's probably just due to the weather changes and (it was 40 degrees one day and the next 22) my period that's definately coming soon.  Hopefully soon things will get better with it but it's not as bad as it was the other week so that's good right?!  Sniffs are far better than having a cold ANY day.

Tony smelled Gwen Stefani's new perfume L.A.M.B. (ok it's new to us that is) in a magazine clipping (I now get Allure for free–thanks Avon) and he likes it.  He'll be buying it for me and I got rid of my old ones (I had these for like years so the smell wasn't even that good).  I don't really wear perfume that much but I try to wear it at least 3-4 times a week especially if we go out (which isn't that much anymore).  Only place around here that sells it is Macy's.  That means we'll be heading to the mall to pick it up.  I actually don't feel like buying anything there but I do need to buy at least 3 more bras so I might have to check out JCP to see what I can see there or Target the next time we go there.  

Been playing my star wars: the old republic II game but I keep getting stuck somewhere and having to go back to old saved games and trying it all over again.  I even kind of skipped ahead because I was frustrated that I couldn't figure out some of the things out at that part so I did other stuff instead.  It's not really skipping ahead I'd say because if you couldn't do it then they wouldn't allow you to right!?  

Did the grocery shopping tonight, we noticed that we basically out of food and we need some there was little for us to chose from but now the only problem is that there is too much *laughs* there's always something right?!  At least we won't waste money on take out for awhile that is.  Unless Tony gets a craving for some pizza & chicken that is.

Talked with my mom about Easter again and she said doing it seperately with them was fine (technically my mom said that my dad was fine with it) and they'll be picking up some turkey for Tony since he doesn't like ham.  So they'll have breakfast with my sis then they'll have lunch with us.  Works out for me.  I told her that I didn't care what she'd tell them about why we're not going to be there because frankly, my sis has NO right to know.  My mom couldn't talk long (a blessing I tell you) because she was taking care of Elizabeth (*ha ha* and boy was she acting up).  She wasn't sure about the time just yet but she'd get back to me before Easter (when is it anyways?!  Me not being catholic anymore I never know when those holidays are–well other than christmas because that day does not change).  

Other than that, things aren't very busy with us.  The landlords don't want us to move out now however because Tony was talking to Dennis (he's really our landlord she's just his wife) about stuff and his “gift” to us is not charging us for the trash.  Gardner's now past a new law about trash removal where every place has to pay the town for so they're not charging us for it (thank god).  After all the crap that we went through with them about the stupid cable for the house I just wanted to scream at them and we did look at a bunch of apartments too.  

Well I'm going to play my star wars game then write to Maiju and hopefully have it out for tomorrow.  On a side note: I finished my other princess book, I'm now on “sweet sixteen princess” then I'll be on the last book that I own in the series (other than the side books) and I'll be reading “bridget jones' diary” after that, don't know but something unrelated to diaries since I'll need a break from them.  I might even not read bridget because I don't really know if I want another diary book at the moment.  I might read something completely different then read bridget.  We'll see how I feel when I'm down “princess on the brink” or if I read something else inbetween.  Well that was a lot of talk about nothing *laughs* what can I say?  I'm good like that!  I haven't read entries today with being sick earlier I just wanted to relax and take it easy, I'll try to read/comment on them soon ok?!  Coolio!

Take care.

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