Princess Whiskas Won't Get Down

Published February 26, 2008 by sadistickitten

Right now, Princess Whiskas is on my lap and won't get down.  Tony's watching 30 days of night from netflix that we got in but I don't care for those movies so he's watching it alone.  I can't do my project 365 right now because I can't put the camera hooked up to my computer because Princess won't kindly move for 2 seconds.  I think she's afraid of the movie and she's not even watching it *laughs* poor girl, I'm not scared but I can hear it not see it.

Don't have much to say but I put up a new layout today and I love it.  I feel like it fits my personality her being sweet yet evil at the same time and all *laughs* get it sadistic kitten?!  Wonder if anyone got it till now.  So for now, I won't do it till she gets down. She's been freaking out a every little thing in this movie.  If you'd like to check out my layout feel free to:[info]sadistic_kitten

Today we had a major storm and it's going into tomorrow oh joy.  Good thing we got everything done already but we might have to get milk tomorrow but that's just across the street and I'll letting Tony get that.  

Well I'm off to play my star wars game with headphones on.  Take care all.


by me




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