Advice–highly filtered post

Published February 25, 2008 by sadistickitten

I've got this friend, let's just call X for the moment because I don't like to say names and all I'm not really talking about her behind her back but I don't want others that know this individual that will take this the wrong way. I'm going to a very select few of you that I totally trust with this information because I believe that you'll give me good advice on the matter or at the very least give me some insight.

Here's my problem:
This person has been having problems with something, not sure what that is because this person won't say. Well they need time away from things because of comments that were made in this person's LJ which I have no clue what was said because well frankly it's been screened. Fine with me, I don't need to deal with such drama. It was made known to us (this person's friends) that x (easier then saying this person) was going to be on hiatus awhile because x was upset over things.

That's fine with me, not upset about that at all. Hell, I've done the same thing in fact, many times. Well x isn't really back from x's hiatus yet but I've noticed something odd lately. Now it could be my imagination I don't know but x has decided to ignore all comments that I am making on x's entries. Everyone else x writes replies back and not only that, but x is ignoring me on other sites too. Which further makes me wonder if x has a problem with me.

Now you know me, I am not one to take things lieing down so I've sent x a message asking x is if x has a problem with me and a bunch of stuff about how I wanted to know if I was the problem. Explaining all the info that I wrote above. What I'm asking you is, if you were in my situation would you feel there was something off?! I mean I thought that X and I were pretty good friends but up till now I don't feel the same way. Thanks for reading this and if you give me some insite or advice that's even better.

Off to eat lunch.


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