Project 365: Day 29

Published February 24, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today I played my game and finally figured out how to get past one part (thanks sweetie *kisses & hugs* ) which I basically before was just walking around like an idiot trying to figure hhm what do I want to do?  Now I've got it figured out, till the next time that is.  Things come slower to me so I'm sure if Tony or other people were playing this game, they'd be done it already or at least have most of the mission done with.  But I'm no rush to finish this game. I'm really enjoying my game, I've been actually dreaming about it *laughs* and figuring out how to get past certain parts and what not.

Thought that others that don't have kids, and don't want them (like me) might like this. It's currently out of stock right now but when it's back in:

by the sweet:

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