Project 365: Day 28

Published February 21, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today, I thought of my grandfather and recently I've been having dreams about him too.  It was a strange dream about him that I won't even bother telling you because even now, it freaks me out.  Let's just say it was strange and leave it at that.  I know this isn't a picture of today because I can not take a picture of him today because he's no longer around.

Finally heard back from my mom and she said that the reason they called wasn't an emergency, and everything's fine now so that's good.  My dad was looking into changing his car (his lease went up on their old one) and wanted me to check something online for him.  Anyhoo, we talked about a bunch of things and my mother mentions this (why I'm mentioning you'll find out), that my grandfather has been gone for a year now on the 18.  Which is freaky because I had the dream the other day.  And then she tells me that my grandmother heard him well his knee cracking (my grandfather's knee always cracked when he got up because he was sitting too long, I crack mine all the time) that is.  So she tells my mom that she said “George go back I don't need you anymore” *laughs* that's my grandmother for you.  ^_^  I totally believe in ghosts because I've seen not only one but 2 before.  My sister's best friend after she died then my grandfather (lorion on my dad's dad) was at his funeral and waved at me.  He was even around the church a few times when I was there (back when I was forced to go to church) I saw his famous boots. My grandfather used to wear a nice suit (always dressed up) with work boots.  ^_^ That made my day, grandpa I miss you *hugs* I know that you're looking down on me every day wishing only the best for me.  

So I figured that I'd share this with everyone.  Take care all.  I'm off to take a needed shower.

by the sweet:


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