Rant Post Highly Filtered Post

Published February 20, 2008 by sadistickitten

Here's what I hate, you give someone GOOD solid advice and someone who's on their friends list decides to give their opinion on what they “think” about your comment. Can I ask you something, why do people have to comment on MY fuckin' posts or comments that I make in other's journals TRYING to sound smart?! Here's why I'm poed….

One of my friends is looking to get a desktop computer because she's sick of her laptop one (she needs to replace it) well laptops aren't very stable in the first place. Well I commented saying “if you don't play on playing HIGH performance games then don't get a Dell. If you are, then look into something else.” Why?! You ask?! Dell is shit when it comes to playing HIGH performance games on it. I've had a lot of friends in the past come to me saying how they hate how they can't upgrade, tech support sucks, etc. Plus Tony used to fix problems on others computer that were Dell's so I know that I'm talking about.

Now, one of my friends friends HAD to step in telling me “how wrong I am” yes because they've dealt with fixing them (ok, I've never done it personally but Tony's told me plenty of horror stories where he had to deal with those idiots or trying to fix their problems on their computers. Why do people have to be such asses lately and make their fuckin' stupid comments?! Seriously, why the fuck would I steer a friend wrong here?! I was trying to help her out and I know that my sister had problems calling up Dell to try to fix the problem with their computer (which wasn't Tony's fault but they're like “stay away from our computer, you're the one that ruined it”) which Tony didn't, he just put updates on it as well as got their stuff up to date because my sister's a dumb fuck who doesn't know how to update her computer all the time. So yah I hope they don't bother get a fuckin' virus or adaware those idiots.

Well just wanted to get that out. Now I'm off to write an entry about not feeling like commenting on friends page because I'm too poed at others friends that won't keep their fuckin' noses out of everyone's business.


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