Yankee Candle Company Here We Come

Published February 19, 2008 by sadistickitten

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful support in wishing that I get better. I woke up today early (due to a cat's fur waking me up, somehow my blankets came off and my back was exposed) and then I couldn't go back to sleep. I'm still a bit tired but I'll wake myself with my Clean & Clear morning burst sample that I got. But all in all, I feel so much better right now.

I think I had some sort of 24 hr bug because today I feel completely different. Well other than my back still hurts but I think that has to do with my period coming soon and the change in weather that we've been having.

For the past few weeks, Tony and I haven't gone out much. Ok we have we went to the grocery store and I do the laundry but we haven't done much other than that because he's needed to work on his site and update things since he wants to have it ready for March (he doesn't have that many days left to do so).

So he asked me the other day, if there was some place that I wanted to go and I said yes Yankee Candle Company Flagship store. It's been awhile and the last time we went to HK: Kitty World (not complaining about that) when we were going to go. I've been wanting to go back.

Well the other day, I got something in my email saying “HUGE sale at YCC Flagship store 75% off of candles and more.” So of course I wanted to check the place out to see exactly what they do have. I also got a coupon in my email, not sure if we'll use it or not but I like to at least have the option.

And we were going to go there yesterday but we needed to do the grocery shopping, and the laundry (ok I needed to do it) but since I was sick, Tony's the one that did both (sweet, yes?) things for me. Well he didn't get all the stuff on the list mainly missed all my stuff but we need to go to walmart to pick up cat litter for her (Hannaford's doesn't have the one that we use plus the one that they have doesn't clump right) so I'll pick up that stuff when we go.

Today, we're headed off there in a little while. I still need to wake myself up but Tony's currently taking up time and space in the bathroom so I'll just have to wait to get my daily routine done. I also plan on wearing makeup, it's been a long time since I've worn it really. I put on a small amount whenever we go out but nothing too much. I feel like being a girly girl today. *laughs* I will even use my Kuromni purse. I am bringing my messengar bag for my DS, book and maybe a drink but I won't be bringing it inside. I hate carrying around bulky things in a place where things can break. I'm such a klutz already, I don't need to add something to make it worse.

Well take care all. I finished another letter, this one to Melissa that will go out tomorrow since I figured we'll be there all day and I won't feel like writing anything when we get back. Oh that's the toilet flushing, I gotta go. *runs to get ready*

here's where we'll be (I'll be taking TONS of pics):

littlepixelpaws.de site

by: littlepixelpaws.de site

(did I get that right Miss Anya?)

what every woman should know:


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