Miss Anya Filtered Entry

Published February 16, 2008 by sadistickitten

This is mainly for I had originally ordered from adobe's site and paid x amount of dollars for it. Well instead of buying it twice, I've decided to return the product from Adobe's site. But I didn't have the code to upgrade my version so I was shit out of luck there. In the meantime, I ordered off of ebay (a reliable seller who's got 100% feedback rating) since I figured that I could get a good deal (which I did, much cheaper than Amazon I might add) and not have to worry about getting the code to operate it.

After purchasing Ebay order, I was searching online for the code for OLD Adobe. In the end, I ended up spending for the old code JUST in case. Well after I purchased TWO products (I was upgrading from the version that Tony has which is PS 5.5 and they don't want something sooner than that, which I didn't know till AFTER I purchased the full version online), I found the code *doh* why did I rush with the ebay order?! It was a good price PLUS free shipping 100% rating, so you understand right?! But I finally found the code. SO I used it to get the full version working.

I just thought about it, why do I have TWO of the same product?! I can't return the ebay one (not like it's Amazon or something) BUT I noticed on Adobe's site that I can return the download one. As long as you agree to their terms and stuff. So that's what I just did. Which saved me about a little over 200 dollars. Just hope that I get the refund!

Currently trying to return it right now. I'm emailing them the info that I took a pic of and am putting it as a attachment so maybe I can get it quicker instead of sending it through the mail. We'll see how it goes.

Well that's an update on the stupidness of me. By the way, Miss Anya until I get my ebay product do NOT update your PS to the one that I'm sending you. Just wait till I've gotten the other one and then update it. That way, it won't get you into trouble for trying to upgrade when it's now not something legal anymore. I feel better about getting a real copy compared to a cheaper one.

Take care.

by the sweet:


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