Published February 15, 2008 by sadistickitten

Hello all LJers!!! I just wanted to let everyone that I will not be on the computer much at all till we get things fixed with our internet connection. I did a voicepost so be sure to listen to it when you can so you'll know about the updates and what exactly is going on. So if you don't see a post by me then you'll know. I'm currently using my client to update my journal which I will be doing most of the time or voiceposting til I get the internet situation figured out. We're also changing over to digital so we can have a faster and better connection.

What I'm asking of you is this, ANYONE who's in ANY community that I am in if I have requested something and I have not written that I am back then can you PLEASE pick up my requests?! I will make you something in exchange for doing that. Please email them to me at thank you very much. The internet is far slower than even dial up so you can imagine how terrible it is. Thanks for your time and hope everyone is having a better day than I am.

Take care & have a good weekend.

by the sweet:


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