Project 365: Day 27

Published February 14, 2008 by sadistickitten

Last night, our internet went down (not sure if anyone listened to my voice post) for a few hours or so.  I got a lot of letters written and they went out today, 3 letters got sent out (forgot the names of them) today with the mail.  We had terrible weather here yesterday; snow, ice, freezing rain, sleet, ice, and finally rain.  The rain sounds like it made it warmer here NOPE.  It caused a lot of problems.  What do I mean?!   The rain just caused the ice to be more slippery than normal (great huh?) and Tony had set up an appointment for his car to get an oil change and whether we had crappy weather or not, he was still getting it done.  Walking yesterday was HELL.  I mean I almost fell a few times.

Anyhoo, went out to get the oil change and while we were waiting, I of course brought my DS and a book just in case I got sick of playing my DS (if you didn't know, I get bored very easily).  Ended up playing my mario game and Tony even played it because I couldn't figure out how to get to the end till he did it.  I work better when I look at someone doing it then I can do it, I'm not much of a reading paper type of thing for learning that is.  I like to be hands on (probably why I am better at massage and stuff) or at least I work better that way.

Later on, because last night our internet went down and I ended up playing my Star Wars game and I got a bit further in the level.  I'm not used to an RPG game so the first person type of view is freaking me out a bit and there were computer type spiders and man did that FREAK me out even more.  I had to stop playing it and ended playing the sims instead to calm myself down.

Well today I did the laundry, grocery shopping (Tony helped me bring the laundry back up due to it being slippery as hell to walk down to the laundry mat), did my exercises on the DS, wrote a letter to Katie (going out tomorrow with

's package), took a long nap, ate dinner, watched some tv.  Tony & I still pretty poed at the whole cable incident.  I mean she could've at least said something like “well think about it” or something.  How the hell would we be able to pay for it if we decided to because we have NO access to downstairs!!!  I mean how stupid are our landlords?!  I'm still irritated by the fact that they NEVER take care of our steps and if I fall AGAIN I'll fuckin' sue their ass faster then they can blink!  

So now I'm off to play some star wars and relax.  Thanks

 for all the hard work that she did for

 I love everything *laughs* I'm happy to have her as a friend.  Take care all. I'll fill requests for

 tomorrow, too tired to do them tonight.

Take care & happy valentine's day, even if I am anti valentine's day.  I tell my family/friends it but not Tony.  I've always hated that day and I always will. Nothing to do with having someone.  Fuck those idiots!

Oh and I made some of you some cute icons, happy valentine's day:

 I made you 2 because I wasn't sure which one looked better:

EDIT: FIXED Jessica's for some reason it wasn't staying!

by the sweet:






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