ggrr I'm such an idiot!!!!!!!!

Published February 12, 2008 by sadistickitten

Mother fuckin' idiot I am. What the fuck was I thinking?! Gesh because of my fuck up, I won't be buying ANYTHING till I've paid off my big mistake. So that means I'll be saving my money to pay off my stupid fuckin' idiotic mistake. I don't want to get into it, let's just say I'm stupid and that's the end of it. Since I'm fuckin' poed off as fuck right now, I'm going to go and just relax writing my letter to the next penpal on my list then I'm going to play some star wars that I got in the mail today. GOD, wtf?! Why do I ALWAYS fuck things up like that?!

ARRGGH! Ok now that I got that out. I'm skipping the project thing today because I have no patience and I'll be taking a short hiatus from here. I needed to vent, thanks for listening. *hits herself in the head* OUCH, that hurt hopefully it knocked some sense into me.

By April 2 weeks in, hopefully the seller on ebay is legit *crosses fingers* I'm so stupid!


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