Last Minute Callers!

Published February 6, 2008 by sadistickitten

Is there ANYONE that hasn't said so already that would like to be a maker in

?  If so, please speak up NOW.  

  and I are working out the details about the community.  We'd like to get things set up soon, not sure exactly when but the soonest that we can.  Please again do NOT join, this is invite only.  If you know others that you feel you can trust, please feel free to post their usernames below in the comments ALL comments will be screened.  

So calling ALL makers right now.  OH and if you got my messages Meredith and Tam Tam, please let me know.  If you didn't get them, basically I want to have a description about you (brief) as well as what you will be offering.  If you have a gallery and that others can request from.  There will be NO members making new posts, that's only for makers to offer freebies.  An example page of your work where others can access it whether it's in a community or what.  If you want to post that in the community, that's fine too.  But try not to have an example page in your personal journal, have it in something different.  Please & thank you.  You can have it friends only or public too, totally up to you.  All posts made in the community will be friends only as well.

I will be making some graphics to update my gallery in

 so that way, it'll be up to date when the new community is to open.  All requests in

 as well as  w

 will be put on hold as I do this.  I know that I need to fill

's request in

which will get done soon and before I am to open the new community as well as put up new freebies in any place.  Take care all and I'll be “retiring” a lot of my work in my gallery. 

Thanks for reading this, have a good day.


by me





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