Project 365: Day 21

Published February 5, 2008 by sadistickitten

Basically this what I did today, nothing really but deal with my wonderful period.  *laughs* We went out to get the groceries that we needed so badly (it was rather pathetic because we were like “hmmm what's for lunch…hhmm nothing?”) and I did the laundry, luckily for me there wans't any snow, rain, ice/wintrty mix etc. when I went and did it so that was nice.

I played my ds again but I haven't played Mario today yet but I'm not sure if I will.  I might write some letters soon then read the rest of my book (I have like 5 or 6 pages left) since I'd rather get that done than play Mario right now.  No offense to him but I just want to do something different.  

I haven't posted a new freebie in

 yet because I'm not sure what I should post *laughs* I have TONS that I made but right now, I think I need a small break plus I still have to fill

's requests that she made so I'd like to do that before I put anything else up.  But I will put one up soon.

Still working out the details with the new community so once again DO NOT join unless invited to it, which I will invite all of you or almost all of you to it but not just yet.  I want it all fully working before I add people and everything.  I still need to work out a few details with

 and thanks for all your help girlie!!! But all in all, I'm very positive about it.  I'm pretty darn excited too.  I feel like a school girl again *laughs*

Next post will be a picture post of whatever asked for, just waiting for photobucket to upload them right now.  😀

by me


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