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Published February 5, 2008 by sadistickitten

Finally, it's the long awaited picture post!!!  *WARNING* VERY Picture Heavy, if you have a slower connection you'll need to let the page load for a while.  Oh I put the descriptions ABOVE the picture to make it easier!!!!!!!!!

1. you want to see pics of my room:
Well I don't have a “room” because every place is my room but my bedroom looks like this:

sorry about my messy bureau, I have TOO much hair stuff, perfumes, etc. I've been going through them a lot lately so that's good (didn't even buy most of them either)

new picture of me & Princess:

Princess is up first:

sitting on my collection of books ^_^:

New Pictures of Me:
(why do I always have pimples whenever I take pics of me?!) First 2 are when I got my hair dyed:

These were taken today:

sporting my HK earrings that my parents gave me for christmas:

I know, I should've worn more makeup but I was trying to look more natural.  Man looking at myself I can see all my flaws right now. 


One of my first Hello Kitty purchases…..
I got this pen in Bar Harbor, ME a long time ago when I first saw HK in a store, I had others but they were pencils and it's used up now.  

So this is my first HK purchase/item:

My Favorite Outfit (sorry I didn't wear it because Tony HATES taking pictures of me *laughs*):

Here's my favorite pjs (no asked this but I wanted to do this)/it's also my favorite outfit to wear at home:

The view from standing in your front door entering/entering our apartment (look at the temp, it's kind of warm today…well for NE weather):

Entering In My Doorway (it's a small area):

this is when I walk in the door (yup still have our tree up *laughs* it'll be up again all year):

I don't really have a favorite room in the apartment, I like it all ^_^ *laughs*

Your kitchen:


Since she wanted to see pics of Princess I already have that but here are a few that you didn't see:

checking out Tony's closet:
that's me on the side reading my book with Princess on my lap awww:

she in our kitchen TRYING to get food (can you guess her food is located?):

real closeup shot, doesn't she poed?:

she's got the point where she's SICK of picture taking, I'd better stop now *ouch* she bite me!  j/k:

maybe your book collection:
I have other books in storage (didn't take a picture of them because they're in a few boxes and everywhere you do NOT want to see it, it's rather messy) but here are the ones in the house:

main bookcase filled with books (2 rows I might add, top AND bottom):

books under my bed in a HUGE Sanrio box (wonder what came in there???):

underneath our towels is ANOTHER box of books FILLED to the top, told you I was a crazy bookaholic girl:


especially where you keep your letters: 

inside the acordiane folder, neat & tidy ^_^ :


pic of where u keep letters, well see above!  

ur room: don't really have one but my bedroom is shown above

ur house: ours is an apartment and I showed the outside already


pictures of my room: DONE look above

pics of my closet:

where I keep my letters: DONE look above

where I write my letters/where my favorite spot to write is:

what my desk looks like:

it's messy, my HK's have taken over my desk *laughs* I won't be buying anymore for A LONG time!!!  Plushies that is *laughs*

what my outside looks like:

it's at night on our landlords deck, right outside our door:


these are our kitchen cabinets, the ones on the top we have others but I wasn't which ones to take pics of:

pics of Tony:

he always hates his pic being taken but this time because of the blanket he's got on him:
*taken out because Tony YELLED at me*

so this is what he did when I said I wanted a pic of him for my friends:

other pics of him include……
Tony bad ass:

eating apple pie: isn't he a cutie?!  *mwuah*

new pic of me:
me being annoyed with all the pic taking *laughs*:

showing off my earrings:

recent purchase (anything):

This was for me:

and this recent purchase was for Jessica/


recent HK purchase:

Another thing I recently bought HK (I LOVE this purse):

Here are just some random pictures that I took:

Everyone always asks to see my artowork so here it is:

mother's day gift I made when I was younger:

did this in 4th grade:

we were supposed to makea mask about how we feel so I made it like this:

the ocean that I made for my dad (their palm leaf is in the way..whatever it's called):

another school project, it's of my past, future and present (that's the order it goes in):

My favorite piece of artwork, this picture does it NO justice.  The swans come OUT at you when you see it in person, it's AWESOME:

The Family Bear (don't ask):

Well I hope that you enjoyed my pic gasm post.  This was fun.  Well I'm off to finish my book now *phew* I'm exhausted!!!!!!!!!  Have a good night all.

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