Project 365: Day 19

Published February 3, 2008 by sadistickitten


Today we woke up early due to us going to bed early the night before so I was up at like 4am or something crazy like that.  So I had plenty of time to get stuff done today yet I never did my contests, I might quickly do them now DONE.  I did the quick verison becuase it's almost midnight and I don't have the time to do them all so I only did ones that I truly care about.  

Other than that, I still had major cramps (thanks for the genes mom *shakes head*) which HOPEFULLY should go away by tomorrow, the first 2 days are the worse for me and I've been popping pamprin like I'm some drug addict.  I hate taking drugs, whether it's over the counter or what but when they get so bad that I can barely walk or breathe, fuck it I'll take it then.

I played more of my game but I didn't get too far because we had the game to watch at 6pm and pizza coming a bit before.  The game turned out to kill us in the end and I was scream more because of my cramps.  I did end up writing 3 letters so they'll go out tomorrow. Now I've only got 1 for Kristi that I need to write. Those SHOULD be going out when Tony leaves for his dentist appointment tomorrow morning, we'll just have to see how that goes.  If not, they'll go out whenever I get up (due to the period, I always have trouble sleeping not sure why but I found out it's common in some women around their periods) so I'm off to get ready so I can relax and read before bed.

Take care all.  I read some of my friends list, not all but if I didn't comment don't think that I didn't read it.  I got to a good point which I'll contine to finish tomorrow sometime.  Hope everyone had a better than me with my damn cramps.  Now my heads dizzy from all the meds, I gotta go.

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