Bad Jennifer

Published February 3, 2008 by sadistickitten

OPS! Since Tony bought me the *new* super mario bros game, I was playing that longer than I should have because I was trying to get to the next level. Well instead of what I should've been doing which is writing my penpal letter to Anette. I hope she's not upset, I finally found the time to read it last night (can you believe it?) so I haven't been able to write it till now. I do plan on writing the letter later on today when it's actually bright outside (it's currently 6am) so I'd rather not put lights on if I have to (I'm not one for liking the light, told that's because of my blue eyes) but I will work on graphics and write the letter later.

*hee hee* just thought that I'd relay the message to you that I am enjoying the game that Tony bought me. Oh shoot! I gotta go take that off my amazon & wish list. *runs to do that now*

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