Project 365: Day 18

Published February 2, 2008 by sadistickitten

Today wasn't a tad bit better than yesterday but the cramps started out worse because today is when it truly started.  The first 2 days of my period are always so horrible for me, so bad that it literally hurts to walk.  No matter how much water I drink, making sure to eat the right food etc. does NOT matter it's always pretty bad for me. I talked to my mom about it once and said “that's because you've got my genes sweetie, that means you get what I had problems with” great that's just what I wanted to hear.  But I've been taking pamprin like it's going out of style and right now, I'm currently waiting for it to kick in.

When I first got up, Tony was ALL over me.  He was like are you ready to go grocery shopping and do the laundry?  Blah, nope I feel like I want to kill myself.  So what did he do?!  Well being the wonderful man that I married, he was good enough to do the laundry, get the grocery shopping done, and buy me my game.  

Things have been pretty stressful here due to his website and what not.  So he's been a pretty angry mad and all.  Which of course is known to happen when people are blowing you off constantly.  So he decided last night that he was going to do something nice for me, either take me out today or buy me something.  We couldn't go out last night due to the terrible storm and I didn't feel like going anywhere either.  He figured that I needed a game where I'm not just learning things or helping out my brain (I only have a few games for my ds) so we decided on *new* super mario bro game.  Since it was far too icy to get it last night, he called up game stop and put a copy for him aside.

This morning, while I was rolled over in pain he went out and got the game for me plus did the other stuff.  So very sweet of him and on his birthday no doubt. He's not big for birthdays either and on mine, I did laundry too so really what does he have to complain about?  I played it a few times now and I'll play it again later but for now I need to fill requests then work on getting another letter written since now I have a few piled up (always happens to me).  Then when I'm not busy (if that'll ever happen*laughs*) I need to work on graphics for my new community.  It's not open just yet so please don't start adding yourself yet, I'll let you know when it is so you can join then ok?  Thanks!  And I will ultimately approve of whom joins and what not.  I want the community to stay small and not get too big.

Well I'm off to fill requests now, take care all.  I'm reading a new book AGAIN!  WOOHOO “valentine princess” it's perfect timing I'd say right?  The only book that I don't have in the princess series is the newest one but I'm cheap and I don't see the point of paying 13 bucks for a book plus shipping?!  NO way, I'll wait till it gets cheaper then buy it.  Unless we go to barnes & noble some time and I see it then maybe I'll pick it up.  Oh I know that I still a photo post, it IS coming but with my period being a major pain, I just don't feel like it lately.  Icky, more cramps..where did I put that pamprin again?????  

Hope everyone has a good weekend, go PATS!

EDIT: I've filled a bunch of requests so now I'm going to play some mario then write some letters.  I would make more but I feel like I need a break.  Sometime next week I'll read/comment on entries, gotta get this stuff done first, I hope that everyone understands.

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