Published February 1, 2008 by sadistickitten

I'd be lieing if I said that things haven't been bothering me lately because they have. They've been bothering so much lately that I can't even play my game without it distracting me. What miss anya (this filter is only between marie, miss anya & me) said about the whole bs with the community and the people that kicked me out of SD.

Well I'm getting paranoid now. What do I mean?! Well I'm paranoid that maybe she's going to make everyone chose which they want to be friends with and that they can't be in MY community if they are in hers.

Sounds stupid doesn't it? Well believe it or not, a few years back I had that happen to me. So it's not so stupid sounding anymore huh? I think it's rather lame because I don't talk about them in ANY community that I run and my communities are FILLED with MY work not someone else's so they can't claim that I'm stealing anything you know? But whatever, what my point is this, I'm worried that others will chose her over me.

And I know that I might be paranoid right now but all of a sudden there's this drama in that community (well it's another one but that's not the point here) AFTER I deleted a few people from my journal that could've been leaking my entries to them. Now I do miss some of those people because frankly, they're nice people like I said in my LOVED entry over at because I believe that's true. But the fact that they are friends with some of them makes me wonder that's all.

I hope that I'm wrong but I just hope it's not some stupid war that they're trying to start because they're just lame and retarded. They also might be mad because they can't go spamming or commenting on any of my entries because I banned a few people. I'm sorry but am I supposed to have others make their dumb comments to me AFTER they've gone and harassed me in my community? nope, sorry not going to happen. Anyhoo, I just needed to blow off steam about that. For my stake and everyone else's I hope that it's not about me and it's just that I'm being very paranoid about something.

I have no ill will that I wish on her, I really don't. I just hope that she doesn't treat others like her slaves and MAKE them chose between me or them because that's just wrong. I really hope not *crosses fingers* The same thing goes for my sister, I wish no ill will towards her, I just don't want to see or hear from her ever again. Is that too much to ask?

Take care and anya, keep me posted! Off to fill requests for her with the cats and the freebies for the communities. Take care guys.


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