Wtf? Highly Filtered Post

Published January 29, 2008 by sadistickitten

I got a message from snarki_angel saying “I'm surprised by the invite because you called my sis & me bitches” which is funny because I NEVER called her a bitch, so I ended up banning her.  Take that SUCKA!  Excuse me if I called your sis a bitch when after all, I was getting HARASSED due to her.  I have the right to call her a bitch since after all SHE called me it first in a PUBLIC post I might add.  SO I can write whatever the fuck I want in my own god damn journal you whore!  People are so fuckin' stupid, I swear!  It also leads me to believe something might STILL be leaking my entries and all to other places.  Fuckin' assholes!  I still don't trust people, I hate this!  Besides, I think it was nice of me to invite her to my community after all, just showing that I can forgive.  I was poed at the time, I have no feelings towards her or her sister anymore.  I don't really care what she says anymore but I banned her cause I don't need her causing any bs drama in my community.  

If you think what I did was wrong, well in the post that I made it clearly says “come here starting drama you will be banned NO questions asked” and she came to MY communtiy just to bad mouth me and cause drama.  So I banned her!

So once again, I've decided to fix my filters and from now on, if ANYONE can read anything you should feel special.  Gesh, I STILL can't fuckin' vent in my own god damn journal without others telling what I'm saying.  Wtf?  Oh my god, I feel so violated again. Once as I find out who's fuckin' talking I'm banning them and making a PUBLIC post saying that not only Sarah can't be trusted but also x who's pulled this bs in the first place can't be trusted.  So from now on, I will ONLY have others that I EXTREMELY trust and these are about 6 people to read my most private of private entries. Anything graphics related no one will be able to see.  And I hope to GOD that I don't have to just make it so no one can read my LJ or I'll fuckin' kill people!

I have just edited all my filters to make sure that NO ONE that I don't want reading them reads them and now others that I don't care about reading them, can.  I even edited a bunch of posts ^_^ ha ha!  Now one has proof! There's only 1 person on this filter now!  And it's Marie.  We can talk just us gals!


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