That's sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published January 29, 2008 by sadistickitten

There's 6 people that I totally trust!!  ok it's not sick or sad it's better than having no one right?!  Well I'm off to relax and read in bed because we have to go to sleep early Princess has to be at the vets early for her teeth cleaning.   If you notice my entries with the project photo thing the entries are getting shorter and shorter well there's a reason for that, since I can't trust people (you guys are THE only ones that I do trust), I won't write too much in my entries from now on.  They'll look pretty lame and stupid so that way my real PERSONAL things will be out of those entries that way lurkers won't comment on my entries to others. 

Just so you guys know, I'll doing a secret friends cut!  I won't be cutting any of you, coures not ^_^ but I will however be cutting people whom NEVER comment on my entries. Well I have officially deleted people that I feel I've got nothing in common or we just don't mess well together.  Plus they don't comment on my entries EVER!  I hope that they don't kick me out of their communities or anything over this, I did tell them that they will stay on my loved list!


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